Valley Viewpoints: Correcting Castiglia’s comments

County Legislator Frank Castiglia recently wrote things regarding the east side pool and about the Common Council, most of which was not true. 

I would like to tell what the truth is.

Legislator Castiglia stated, “they could have gotten a grant to help fix it but the mental geniuses we have on the council voted not to fund the cost to do an updated study.”

First of all, calling us “mental geniuses” is immature and very unprofessional coming from a fellow elected official. I didn’t know of any grant because that was applied for last year. We didn’t vote against any update to a study because it was pulled from the agenda. We wanted to be better informed about this issue, something Legislator Castiglia might want to try.

The grant in question was applied for last August and the city was informed last January that we were denied. It wasn’t until after that we found out it was because of an outdated study. Neither this council nor the previous council was responsible for not getting the grant.

Legislator Castiglia goes on to say that “they can bond for police cars and trucks for the DPW, but one thing for the public they say no.”

Again, we never said no and I always thought having police cars and trucks for the DPW was for the good of the public.

Legislator Castiglia also said, “Now I know that most of the taxpayers in this city don’t have any kids that would use the pool, but if we don’t have something for the kids (around 200 a day) they will either swim in the river or be in the streets causing trouble.”

Legislator Castiglia was wrong again, this time on the usage of the pool. According to figures from the Recreation Department, the actual number of people using the pool was an average of 104 per day.

Well, Legislator Castiglia was only off by almost 100 percent, I guess that’s close enough for him. Also, he seems to have a very low opinion of the kids in this city if he thinks their only other choice is to cause trouble.

Legislator Castiglia continues, “Now I could see the three councilors from the three wards on the other side of the river not voting yes, but there are three over here that most of their voters’ kids use the pool. Why … oh I know they think they will use the money from the state … wrong … do it now the cost will be a lot less then (sic) the possible loss of life because they will be swimming in the river.”

Once again, nobody voted no on anything and assuming he is talking about the state restructuring board, I, and I’m sure the rest of the council, am not counting on any money from the state because we don’t know what’s going to happen there. He shouldn’t presume to know what we are thinking because he doesn’t. As a side note, the conjunction ‘than’ should be used and not the adverb ‘then’.

Legislator Castiglia goes on to say, “I will be writing a letter and putting it in the paper (there’s a shock) and I know most of the council won’t like me for it but that’s to (should be adverb too, not adjective to)’s for the kids…I told them at least 5 years ago this was going to happen.”

I don’t have a problem with him or anybody else writing letters to the editor, it should contain the truth though, not these mis-statements made by Legislator Castiglia.

He mentions the kids, well, the city has 14 parks and 10 playgrounds so it’s not like there isn’t anything for the kids to do. The city raised the rate to use the pool in the past by a mere 50 cents and the attendance went down by almost half.

It seems that people want to use the pool, but are not interested in helping to pay for it.

Now I don’t want anybody to think I am against having a city pool. I wish we had the money to get it fixed, and a lot of others things too, but we don’t.

The state has come in to Fulton and declared us fiscally distressed and we are the first city in the whole state to be put on the list for needing help. I would find it irresponsible, considering the fiscal situation the city is in, to spend upwards of $300,000 on a luxury such as the pool when we have streets and sidewalks that need repair so badly.

If the situation changes and we can afford to fix the pool then I will be all for it.

Jim Myers


Councilor – 4th Ward

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