St. Joseph’s Imaging joins cancer partnership

Carolyn Handville, program coordinator for Oswego County Opportunities’ Cancer Services Program Partnership, said  St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates, PLLC in Oswego is the newest member of the partnership and joins the Cancer Services Program’s network of more than 20 health care offices in Oswego County.

St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates has opened in a brand new, full service health care building at 300 State Route 104 E.

The facility is equipped with urgent care, a blood draw lab, an imaging practice as well as general care. With the combination of compassion, expertise, and commitment, the highly skilled staff St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates is dedicated to providing outstanding service to physicians and patients.

“We are proud to count St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates among our network of health care providers,” said Handville. “St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates provides our community with outstanding patient care and quality imaging. Exams available through St. Joseph’s include: CT scanning, mammograms, bone density, X-rays and ultrasound.

To schedule an exam, call 452-2004.

OCO’s Cancer Services Program provides free cancer screenings including clinical breast exams, mammograms, pap/pelvic exams, and colon cancer screenings to uninsured women ages 40 to 64, uninsured men ages 50 to 64, and uninsured or underinsured women under 40 years of age who are at risk of, or have had a clinically significant finding for, breast cancer.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact the Cancer Services Program at 592-0830.

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