Dillon fifth-grader commended for kindness

Submitted by Oswego County BOCES

Random acts of kindness are committed on a daily basis in the Phoenix Central School District and those efforts were recognized Thursday (Feb. 27) morning.

Emerson J. Dillon fifth-grade teacher Sandy Silky nominated Ashlyn Wallace for the recognition, which is a joint initiative between the district and SUNY Oswego’s Office of Business and Community Relations.

When students commit a random act of kindness, they receive completed Go.Do.Good cards from their classmates and/or teachers and then submit their cards to be entered into a random drawing.

The initiative at Dillon Middle piggybacked off an anti-bullying program at the beginning of February, said Raina Hinman, the district’s dean of students.

“Students took on a Post-It initiative as part of the anti-bullying campaign. They wrote words of encouragement and nice things onto sticky notes and put them on students’ lockers,” Hinman said. “That campaign ended Feb. 7 and rolled nicely into Random Acts of Kindness Week, which was Feb. 10-14.”

While Random Acts of Kindness Week helps reinforce the message of doing good deeds for others, Hinman said that the initiative has really been ongoing since the start of the school year.

“We hand out the blank cards to students at the beginning of the year,” Hinman said. “If a student does something that meets the criteria — and it can be anything from helping with homework to giving compliments – then they receive a completed Go.Do.Good card describing the random act of kindness.”

For this year’s honoree, a simple act of kindness grabbed her teacher’s attention when Wallace offered to lend a hand to a student who had dropped folders on the floor.

“It feels really good,” Wallace said of the recognition. “I was just doing something nice.”

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