2 teens charged in Byrne Dairy robbery

Two Hastings teens have been charged with robbery in connection with a theft at the Byrne Dairy on Route 11 in the town of Hastings on Sunday (today).

Oswego County Sheriff’s deputies and state troopers responded to a robbery at the store and revealed a strong-armed robbery had just been committed by two suspects who fled the scene on foot.

Officers followed footprints in the snow to 166 Roxbury Estates.  Both suspects were arrested and property stolen from the store was recovered.

Those arrested are, Frank J. Burt, 17, and Jeremy L. Champney, 17.

Each is charged with one count of robbery in the 1st degree, a felony,  one count of robbery in the second degree, a  felony, one count of conspiracy in the 4th degree, a felony and Jeremy was charged with an additional count of resisting arrest.

Both men will be arraigned in town court.

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