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Residents thank sand owner

We wanted to write and thank William Simmons for offering his sand to the County for use on the roads in the winter.

In July, Kurt Ospelt wrote the Hannibal planning board that the county has “abandoned its plan to open a sand pit on the Beckwith property immediately” after it was found out the road to the sand pit had been put in illegally. This left the county without sand on the west side of the river.

The neighboring towns, at the direction of Mr. Ospelt, this year had to get their sand from the Scriba pit instead of the transfer station for whatever reason.

At a recent Town of Hannibal meeting, Terry Wilbur got up and said ‘if you have sand, contact Kurt Ospelt and the county administrator, they need sand for this side of the river.”

Mr. Simmons has a sand pit right near Mr. Beckwith’s sandpit and Mr. Simmons already has a road to it and the pit was already permitted by the DEC for mining a few years ago.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the County to get sand and not have to spend any more money to get to it after they’ve  already spent anywhere between $15-43,000.00 and up on the illegal road.

Mr. Simmons sent a letter on October 9 to Kurt Ospelt offering his sand. The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Ospelt, In light of the situation in Hannibal, I feel obligated to help the taxpayers of Hannibal and inform them that my sand is for Sale. My sand pit is located off of Mill St in the Town of Hannibal. It will be available for $1 a cubic yard. This should eliminate a lot of previous problems with access to available sand. There is already an access road to the sand pit off Mill Street and it has already been permitted in the past. This would decrease the amount of truck traffic through the center of town. I believe it would be a more cost effective alternative for the taxpayers of Hannibal. Sincerely, William Simmons”

Again we would like to thank Mr. Simmons for stepping up and helping out the residents of Hannibal and the surrounding towns who will use the sand.

Bill and Barb Bogacz

Josh and Molly Bomgren

Tim Harmon

All of Hannibal

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