Bodley Bulletins, by Julia Ludington

I hope all students and their families enjoyed their long weekend.

We are almost at the mid-year mark, and things at GRB are getting quite busy.

The GRB Environmental Club has recently implemented a new kind of recycling in the building called terracycling.

Instead of just recycling water bottles and soda cans, students can now recycle plastic products, including yogurt containers, apple sauce containers and lids, and many other items.

Students also can bring in items from home. These include empty shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles, as well as cream cheese and sour cream containers.

For a more complete list of items, visit

Terracycling is not only good for the Earth, but it will help the Environmental Club raise money to install more water bottle-filling stations in the high school and elementary schools. Every little bit helps. Parents, send your kids in with these items if you have them, please.

Students who are taking a Regents exam during the upcoming Regents week should double check with their teachers to determine what time their exam is, what they need to bring and ask any last-minute questions.

The best advice the day before a test is this: get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast.

You will be on your way to success if you are well rested. Avoid cramming and staying up late — this will only hurt you in the end. Walk into the test with confidence and you are sure to do well.

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