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Thanks Valley News

The Weston Family would like to thank The Valley News for the wonderful opportunity for us to be included in the recognition of Fulton Families.

It was a privilege and an honor for us to join the Pawlewicz, Hayden and Schremp families in this monthly series.  We look forward to future articles as there are many fine families residing within our greater Fulton community.

We truly appreciate the time that assistant editor Ashley Casey spent with us.  She is a very professional young woman who represented the newspaper extremely well.


Bob & Sandy on behalf of the Weston Family


Local business changes hands

Ontario Cleaners, this well-established family business that has been owned and operated by Patrice Segretto and family since 1992, has been sold to Jeanne McManus.

Please join us in wishing her good luck and we would like to thank all of our loyal customers over the past 21 years.

Patrice Segretto and family


Helping Hands

On Thursday evening, Jan. 9,  I attended a meeting between representatives of the Oswego County Legislature and City of Fulton elected officials.

In attendance were Kevin Gardner, chair of the Oswego County Legislature, Linda Lookwood, vice chair (District 11 County Legislator), Dan Farfaglia (District 24 County Legislator), Jim Karasek (District 22 County Legislator) and representing the city of Fulton were Mayor Ronald Woodward and Common Council President Dan Knopp (second ward common councilor ).

The meeting was the result of the county reaching out to the city in hopes that there may be some way the county might be able to the city in its time of distress.

There were ideas brought to the table by both sides. They ranged from tipping fees to foreclosures. There weren’t any bad ideas and they all brought a lot of discussion by both sides.

When all was said and done, both parties agreed that until the State Board comes in with its recommendations, we wouldn’t be able to bring anything to the full Legislature or to any committees.

A question was asked that with the state’s money and recommendations, will the taxes in the city of Fulton go down. The answer was “NO”.

With that answer another question was asked — that if the state took back their portion of the retirement contribution and if the state lessened the state mandates would the taxes go down. The answer was “YES”.

I know both of these were no brainers. The point is that everyone should realize that the state is the key factor here and people have to contact their state representatives (Will Barclay and Patty Richie) and let them know what they need to do.

All in attendance agreed that the cities of Fulton and Oswego are key to the survival of Oswego County. We all stated that the City of Fulton was once the shining star of both the county and state and now it is in need of some help from both the state and county.

We all left the meeting with the agreement to meet again and the county legislators that represent the city of Fulton on the Oswego County Legislature agreed to set up a secluded meeting on a monthly basis with the mayor.

I feel that with all the above said and done, this is the chance for the City of Fulton to again become the leader in both the state and county. It will take the city coming up with ideas of their own and recommendations. The state wants us (the City of Fulton) to be the poster child for the governor’s new program. This is our chance to go forward with our own ideas letting them know that with these ideas the city and the plan will succeed. We must remember no request is a bad one. The request not asked for and needed is bad. Without a plan of our own we may just be right back here in less than 10 yrs.


Frank Castiglia Jr.

County Legislator-25 District City of Fulton


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