Phoenix receives state grant for State Street Improvement Project

The Village of Phoenix has been awarded $187,071.00 from the state for the State Street Improvement Project.

The money is from the state Homes and Community Renewal’s Office of Community Renewal (New York Main Street Program). The New York Main Street Program is one of the 26 programs across 13 state agencies that was part of the 2013 Consolidated Funding Application.

In December 2013, $750 million in economic development funding was announced and will provide resources for projects focused on community development, job creation, water revitalization, energy and environmental improvements, sustainability and low-cost financing.

The State Street Improvement Project in Phoenix involves the renovation and rehabilitation of eight mixed-use properties, in addition to streetscape enhancements for residents and visitors and a canal-side signage program.

The project will serve to jumpstart continued economic investment, community revitalization and promotion of tourism and recreation in the village.

Since 2007, the village of Phoenix has received almost $800,000 in state and federal grants for community development, recreation, tourism and public safety-related projects.

Phoenix also has been the recipient of more than $6.5 million in grants and zero-interest loans for repairs and upgrades to the sanitary sewer system.

“The Village of Phoenix is very excited to receive another grant for the restoration of key properties along State Street,” said Mayor Anthony Fratto.

“The tremendous improvements that have already been made, in addition to those included in the State Street Improvement Project, would not be possible without the participation of local business and property owners,” he said. “I am grateful for this partnership and look forward to our continued success for the benefit of our community.”

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