CNY Arts Center to begin paying artistic and production staff

CNY Arts Center announces a shift in doing business for their performing arts program when the new season kicks off in February, becoming the first local theatre company to begin paying artistic and production staff.

“We recognize and value the expertise and abilities a veteran actor, designer or technician brings to each production so we’ve decided to reflect that in our theater budget,” said Executive Director Nancy Fox.

“We’re adamant about making an economic impact on the region for all artists and that includes employment opportunities for theater professionals,” she said. “Our artists sell their work in the gallery; our instructors are paid for teaching.”

“Even though our region has a wealth of dedicated actors and those who simply do it for the love of the experience it is important to recognize the valuable contribution of these seasoned professionals,” she said.

“We’re a long way from paying scale, but we choose to pay what we can with extra incentives built in,” Fox said. “We also hope to encourage and inspire a new generation of theater enthusiasts both in the audience and backstage. ”

The pay incentives will begin in February with the launch of the 2014 season.

A two-person romantic comedy “Searching for Eden: the Diaries of Adam and Eve” will be presented one weekend only, Feb 14-16. Based loosely on the Mark Twain classic “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” in Act One, the comedy takes a turn in Act Two when Adam and Eve are re-imagined in contemporary society at middle age.

An evening of dining or desserts is being planned. Auditions will be held 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jan. 4 at CNY Arts Center at 357 State St. in Fulton.

More productions are planned for the coming year including a children’s musical in March. For more information visit or call 592-3373.

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