Fulton and Volney hook up for dog control

By Scott Allardice

The Town of Volney could be going into the dog control business next year — in Fulton.

Supervisor Dennis Lockwood said at the Dec. 10 town board meeting that Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward had contacted him about the possibility of  hiring Volney’s dog control officer to replace the city’s animal control officer.

“The city is struggling financially and our costs are in our people,” Woodward said.

The city’s animal control officer, Paul Cooper, is retiring in April. Woodward said the city budget contains about $60,000 per year for Cooper’s salary, benefits, animal traps, vehicle and other expenses.

Woodward said he proposed hiring Volney’s dog control officer, Don Mason, to handle only dog calls in the city and to pay a flat rate for each call, with the rate negotiated to cover Mason’s time, the use of the town’s truck and any other expenses.

Woodward praised Cooper’s work in the city, which also includes trapping nuisance animals, but said, “He’s not always that busy.”

Lockwood said Mason too is “not that busy” and it would be a “good thing for the two municipalities to get together.”

The proposal would not have Mason trapping nuisance animals, like skunks and raccoons. “We can do that with private trappers,” Woodward said.

The two municipalities will have to negotiate a rate for the dog calls and sign an inter-municipal agreement to authorize Volney’s employee to work in the city.

Woodward couldn’t say how much the proposal could save the city, but when asked if the plan would help Volney, he said “I



would hope so.”

Woodward said the city is looking to other ways to implement “shared services” with neighboring municipalities.

As for the savings on dog control, Woodward said, “We have to take it out for a spin for a year and see how it goes.”

Lockwood said the town’s 2009 pickup truck would be used for the work, but that “We would have to re-sticker it, it would have to say Fulton and Volney on it.”

Volney also has a dog kennel behind the highway garage with six dog cages inside and four or five outside cages for use in warmer weather because, Lockwood said, “the kennel is heated, but it’s not air-conditioned.

In other business at the Dec. 10 Volney town board meeting, town clerk Barbara MacEwen reported she had obtained four out of 11 potential signatures on a petition to create the Sherman Road — County Route 57 South Water District Extension #1.

If a majority of eligible voters, representing more than 50 percent of the assessed value of the eight parcels, sign the petition, the town board can add the new customers to the existing district.

The project would serve parcels left out the water district because the homeowners at the time were opposed to the project.

Now the current homeowners are anxious to join the existing 70 users in the water district.

MacEwen said she would continue working to gather signatures and the town board has tentatively scheduled a public hearing on the water district extension for 5 p.m. March 5, 2014, at the town hall.

Bob Guminiak, the town’s engineer on water projects, reported construction work is done on the MacDougall 6/45 water district. Restoration work on the disturbed ground areas will be done in the spring.

Guminiak said customers should be able to hook up once the water testing results are submitted to and approved by the Oswego County Health Department.

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