Beware when buying puppies

Submitted by Attorney General office

The state Attorney General has cracked down on an illegal dog seller from Oswego County.

According to a release from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Carissa Seaman, of Cleveland, bought animals, or obtained them for free, from Craigslist and the trading post of a local radio station.

She would then re-sell the dogs to other consumers for more money than she paid for them. In just one year, Seaman sold more than two dozen dogs.

Schneiderman said Seaman, who is not a licensed pet dealer, kept the dogs in her home, cared for them poorly and none received veterinarian care.

Per the terms of a voluntary settlement agreement, Carissa Seaman is permanently barred from selling animals or becoming a pet dealer.

The Attorney General urges those interested in bringing home a dog to adopt from a local SPCA or shelter.

If you go through a seller, follow these guidelines:

** Avoid sites like Craigslist, which are unregulated and enable unlicensed individuals to sell and flip pets.

** Get the address of the seller and inspect where the seller houses the puppies.  Do not buy a puppy from a seller who refused to allow you to do this.

** Prior to buying a puppy, ask the seller where he or she obtained it.  If the seller is not the breeder, ask for the breeder’s name.

** Find out the age of the puppy. A puppy should not be sold until it is eight weeks old.

** Ask for proof of all veterinary care the puppy has received, including records of inoculations and worming treatments administered, as well as the dates and types of vaccines.

** Inspect the puppy for indications of poor health (low weight, patches of missing hair, runny eyes or snout, the ears and bottom are not clean).

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