In And Around Hannibal, by Rita Hooper

I attended the IGA Senior Luncheon today and it was so nice of some of the folks to come up and tell me how much they have enjoyed reading about their old schools.

It’s hard to believe prior to Hannibal school centralization, there were 15 districts.

So onward to District No. 8, the McCausey District.

This school, as it name implies was originally built on the McCausey homestead, probably in the early 1800s. The schoolhouse was just to the east, across a tributary of Nine Mile Creek.

The school’s location was further defined as being near the intersection of a road, long since abandoned, which ran parallel to and west of Dennison Road.

One of the teachers who taught in the first school was Almond Rogers; Bruce Dennison and George Dann served as trustees for many years.

The second schoolhouse was constructed around 1890 and was used until centralization.

It was built near the eastern end of Gifford Road on the north side as it crosses into the Town of Granby and runs into Route 176.

It is interesting to note that both Gifford Road and Route 176 intersect a road on the town line and then intersect themselves to produce a triangle.  In the middle of this figure is a farm which was known for several years as Triangle Dairy.

Some of the earlier teachers in this second school included: Fannie Rogers Cooley, Carrie Coit, Mr. Westcott, Mrs. Grace Atwater and Clara Wiltse.  Teachers dating from 1910 were: 1910-11 Mildred Allen; 1911-12 Donald and Arthur Luke; 1912-14 Mildred Allen; 1916-17 Rose A. Walsh; 1917-18 Florence Cooper; 1918-20 Gertrude C. Lenton; and 1920-21 Bertha M. Whitcomb.

Also: ; 1921-22 Minnie G. True;1922-23 Helen M. Randall; 1923-26 Anna Trowbridge Cain; 1926-27 Florence Blake; 1927-29 Mildred Sharp Howell; 1929-30 Marion E. Doty; 1930-33 M.L. Summerville; 1933-35 Miss E. M. Lindsley; 1935-41 Mildred Sharp Howell; 1941-44 Miss Ruth Keeney; 1944-47 Mrs. Nellie Grant and 1947-49 Mrs. Ruth Keeney Hendricks.

After centralization, Cliff  Stowell, who owned Triangle Dairy at the time, purchased the schoolhouse and converted it into a tenant house for his hired man.

In 1917-18 the roll call contained the names of Arthur, Howard and Dora Williamson, Daniel Randall, Adelbert and Raymond Walker, Ethan Wright, Jakie, Karie and Mary Temple (were Jakie and Karie twins?,) Leon and Mable Roe, Frederick, Lillian and Anna Green, Donald Cooper, Theodore and Howard Almy, Benjamin and Jack Rao, Esther, Evelyn and Marion Guernsey, Winfred and Annie Lenton and Elizabeth Wright.

In 1930-31 the Roll Call represented eight families in the area:

Bernard, Francis, Harold, Robert, Gladys, and Helen Dennison; Guy, Gerald and Jay Guernsey; Arthur, Karl, Kenneth and Roy Harris; Donald, Blanche and Ruth Keeney; Edward Roe; Clair, Erwin, Gordon, Hilda and Linda Stowell; Carl, Edwin, Franklin, George, Geraldine Webber and Anna Bowley.

By 1947-48, three families appear in the roll call:

Louise Dennison; Eleanor Dugar and George, James, Patricia and Rose Reynolds.

I’d be interested in hearing from any descendants or if anyone can add a married name to some of the maiden lady teachers.  Fill us in on the rest of the story.

Info from Hannibal’s Historical Highlights by Gordon Sturge and Hannibal History in “pictures and prose.’


The congregation of the Southwest Oswego United Methodist Church is preparing for their annual Live Nativity and Nativities by Candlelight event from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 14.

Church members will present a tableau of the special night at Bethlehem when Christ was born in the manger. The scene, which also includes live animals, will take place outside in the shed.

Inside the church sanctuary a variety of Nativity sets will be on display in candlelight. The Nativity sets, on loan from church families and friends, have in past years ranged in size from a scene in a walnut shell to a large white ceramic set. Last year there were over 100 sets on display.

There are new additions every year as some church members have started collecting Nativity sets.

There will be some new additions to the Live Nativity this year, but they will remain a surprise. The gazebo will be decorated with trees and lights, making it a perfect spot for family pictures, so be sure to bring a camera.

Children attending will receive a special Nativity gift from Ernie the donkey. Cookies and cocoa will be served.                                                                                                                                             The church is located at 7721 State Route 104 West. For more information, phone 343-0996 on the day of the event.

Hannibal Senior Dining Center meets at noon for dinner at the Senior Center (Library Building) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come early for coffee and news or to work on a jigsaw puzzle or  play games or engage in some idle chit-chat.  Give Rosemary a call and make your reservation, 564-5471.

This week’s menu is:

Monday: Homemade soup and sandwich, juice, jello

Wednesday: Glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, lemon-dill carrots, juice, special dessert

Friday: Chicken and biscuits, mashed potatoes, vegetable, fruit cup

Activities: Monday — Wii bowling;    Wednesday — Christmas party with Deanna; Friday —  Christmas sing-along with Bob Simmons

Christmas Bureau drivers are needed. Be an elf and help deliver packages for Santa. Give the high school or district office a call if you can help.

It is a great deal of fun and some high school students help so there is no heavy lifting for you to do. Give them a call today.

Please pretty please folks, send me the info for your church’s Christmas worship schedule…I’d rather receive it from 10 people than no one.

Rita Hooper


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