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As volunteers for the Oswego County Humane Society, we would like to thank all who made our recent pie sale a great success.

We appreciate the Fulton Tractor Supply store for allowing us to hold our fundraiser at their location. The management and staff have always been welcoming and very supportive of our efforts.

Of course, we thank the bakers. They give so generously of their time and talent to provide us with the baked goods. One hundred percent of the profits are used to support the activities and programs of the Oswego County Humane Society.

George and Carol Darling

Volunteers for Oswego County
Humane Society



I would like to put forth my endorsement for the re-election of Peter Holmes to the position of fire commissioner in the First Fire District Town of Granby.

Peter has been a fire commissioner in the town of Granby for the last five years, and I have had the pleasure to serve with him as commissioner for the last three years.

Peter’s experience as a volunteer fireman, small business owner and his conservative upbringing, combined, give him a unique view as commissioner. He always looks for what will keep the firefighters safe, and be fiscally responsible for the district at the same time.

He can often be heard at meetings reminding the four other commissioners that we are elected to look out for the best interest of the taxpayers. Peter is a man of strong values such as integrity, honor, duty, respect, personal courage, and selfless service.

Peter believes the fire department should consist of members of the community, who are there to serve the community.

Using this idea of community, Pete is able to think outside of the box and help lead the community to better things.

For example, Peter was able to attain road millings from the state to fix the parking lot behind the firehouse. He was able to accomplish this through an inter-municipal agreement signed between the Town of Granby highway department and the Fire District.

These millings were then transported by the Town of Granby dump trucks to the fire house. Using equipment donated by three local businesses, Peter and a few other fire department members were able accomplish all of the site work.

This community action was able to save the taxpayers a great deal of money.

Also as part of the agreement, the fire department then washed out the salt building behind the town hall, saving the town from having to pay an outside company to come in with high pressure water hoses.

This is just one of many examples of how Peter’s strong values and ability to think outside of the box has greatly helped the town.

I would encourage everyone In the First Fire District Town of Granby to vote  from 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 10 to help re- elect Peter Holmes for commissioner.


Timothy Carley

Fire commissioner,

First District Town of Granby.


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