Tips on preparing a Thanksgiving dinner

By Debra J. Groom

The Valley News is always ready to help its readers whenever it can.

So, today, the day before the big Turkey Day celebration, we thought it would be helpful to offer tips for all of those out there who have never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner.

We went to Trinity Catholic School in Oswego to pick the brains of some kindergartners and we now offer up their advice to all of you.

So, how exactly do you cook a Thanksgiving dinner? Let’s start with the main center of attention for any holiday meal.

Leah Kelly, 5, Fulton — You take a real turkey and cook it a little bit. You cook it about 9 minutes at 25 degrees.

Nicholas Canale, 6, Oswego, — You put the turkey in the oven for 5 minutes. (He didn’t know what temperature)

Alexia Masuicca, 6, Oswego — The turkey goes in the oven for 8 minutes at very hot.

Nicholas Sheldon, 5, Oswego — You cook the turkey in the oven for 12 hours on hot, 60 degrees.

OK. What else do you have for the Thanksgiving meal and how do you cook it?

Leah — We have cranberry sauce, but I don’t really know how to do it. I don’t think she (Mom) uses real cranberries. We have mashed potatoes. You take some potatoes, mash them with a peanut masher thing and then put them in the oven.

Nicholas C. — We eat tomatoes. We have a cornucopia (not sure if this is for eating or decoration. He wasn’t sure either). For dessert I have ice cream with sprinkles and whipped cream.

Alexia — You peel some potatoes and put them in a pot to cook. Sometimes we have corn on the cob and you put that in a big pot. There’s pumpkin in a can, you pour that into a bowl and then put in some sauce and put it in a pan and put it in the oven (for pumpkin pie). We have beans, green ones. We eat the kind in a can. Mom puts them in the microwave.

Nicholas S. — You wash the carrots. (Then what? Do you eat them raw?) No, silly. We have potato chips and candy. No way, no pie.

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