Fulton pediatrician honored by Upstate Medical University

By Ashley M. Casey

For the fifth time since 1973, Fulton pediatrician Dr. Stuart Trust has been named “Pediatrician of the Year” by Upstate Medical University.

Pediatricians who display competence, concern for their patients and an enthusiasm for teaching are eligible for nomination.

“I’m honored,” Dr. Trust said. “It’s wonderful to be recognized by your peers. It just gives me more reason, more motivation to continue and to improve what I do.”

Dr. Trust, whose practice is located in Canalview Mall, has been a doctor for 39 years.

He grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and worked in a pharmacy for seven years. He attended Long Island University, Columbia University and Des Moines University in Iowa for medical school. Dr. Trust also served in the military.

“Being in the Army was very good experience for the rigors of medical school, internships, residency and my current life,” Dr. Trust said.

After medical school, Dr. Trust came to Syracuse in 1971 to train under Dr. Frank Oski, who was considered the local “god of pediatricians.”

When a teaching job fell through in 1974, Dr. Trust planned to spend only one year in private practice in Fulton. Nearly four decades later, that “year” isn’t over yet.

Dr. Trust says he “never will retire” and plans to continue practicing as long as his health permits. He said he is “eternally grateful” for his years of private practice in Fulton, and for the many friends and patients he has met here.

“I love the kids,” he said, adding that pediatrics is “more fun and games” than it is “heartache and tragedy.”

“When things are in that small percentage (of tragedy), what keeps you going is knowing that you didn’t cause it, and you can help minimize suffering,” Dr. Trust said.

He admitted it is very hard to cope with losing a young patient.

“I’m the world’s worst coper. I cry. I don’t sleep,” Dr. Trust said. “You try to remain professional and supportive, but we’re all human, aren’t we?”

Thankfully for Dr. Trust, the happier times have outnumbered the sad ones in Fulton.

“I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do,” he said.

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