Bodley Bulletins, by Julia Ludington

Some very exciting things have been happening lately at G. Ray Bodley.

Last Wednesday, students participated in the second Oswego County Academic Youth League competition of the year.

I am proud to say that our very own team won first place out of seven total teams from other Oswego County school districts.

The task was challenging and required a lot of creativity. The students had to create their very own high school.

The curriculum of the high school had to be of New York State standard, but they were free to come up with 7.5 credits worth of electives for students that attended the high school.

The students had to specify if the electives were full or half-year courses, how many credits they were worth, and describe the material taught in the class as well as what activities would take place.

In addition, the team had to perform an infomercial encouraging students to attend their school, come up with a mission statement, and create a brochure.

Senior students and their parents should mark their calendars for Dec. 9, as this will be GRB’s Financial Aid night.

Information regarding how to apply for financial aid to help pay for college will be provided. The session will begin at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

The spring musical has been revealed. Quirk’s Players will be performing “Curtains,” a comedy, this coming March. The musical is always amazingly well done and I encourage attending to support our actors, actresses, and musicians.

The boys’ varsity and JV basketball teams have a scrimmage today at Red Creek High School, and the girls’ varsity basketball team has a scrimmage tomorrow against Solvay at Solvay High School.

The teams are working hard for their upcoming games.

Come out and support and visit the district website to see when upcoming games for our winter sports will be taking place.

Editor’s note: This edition of Bodley Bulletins was supposed to run in the Nov. 20 issue of The Valley News. We regret the error.

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