Mahaney thanks voters

I thank everyone for the support you gave me in my re-election journey to keep my superintendent’s position for the Town of Hannibal.

Everyone’s help, no matter what is was, was very important to me. I personally had fun with everyone, the phone calls, sign preparation, mailers and strategy meetings, all with great people that I consider to be good friends.

I thank everyone that cast a vote for me. I will continue to do the best for our community and work hard for you.

Every year it is always a challenge to be able to improve and keep our roadways safe for all and still remain within a strict budget. New strategies and technology have allowed the department to use taxpayer dollars wisely and more efficiently.

I look forward in the next two years to do the best at meeting the concerns of the community and always moving ahead to improve our roadways.

Thank you all.

Dan Mahaney


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