Tell us your Kennedy assassination memories

We at The Valley News are asking readers to leave comments here on the website on their remembrances of the day 50 years ago when President John F. Kennedy was killed.

Tell us where you were, how you heard and what you remember about your reaction, others reactions and what you thought about this moment in history.

It will be interesting to read all the comments.

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One thought on “Tell us your Kennedy assassination memories”

  1. It was roughly 1:45 PM when the announcement came over the intercom at Gates-Chili HS that Kennedy had been shot (he was already dead but the American people had not been given that nugget of information). I was taking Social Studies test and the point of my pencil had broken. It was as I’d been re-sharpening it that the intercom came on. I figured; “Well I can’t do a thing about the shooting, but if I don’t sharpen this pencil and finish filling out my Blue Book ((remember those things?) I’ll flunk.” So I went back and finished the test. It wasn’t until I arrived home (roughly 3:00 PM) that CBS reported Kennedy was dead and Johnson had been sworn in. Funny thing Deb, I don’t recall any nostalgic stories at the centennials of either Garfield’s or McKinley’s assignation. But then again, both men were Republicans and therefore of no interest to the eastern liberal press.

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