Kenney Middle School students build ’em’ and then knock ’em down

Kenney Middle School in Hannibal fielded 13 teams at the annual “Build ‘Em and Bust ‘Em” bridge building competition held Nov. 9 at the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology.

About 600 students from local elementary, middle and high school students competed.

Working during study halls and after school, student teams designed and built balsa wood bridges in the Kenney Middle School Technology Education classroom under the direction of technology teacher Gregory Bailey.

There were specific competition guidelines that all students had to follow to build the balsa wooden bridges. The winning bridges at the event were based on their efficiency, determined by the mass of the bridge divided into weight the bridge could support before failure.

This hands-on activity takes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education outside the class, with an emphasis on teamwork and design.

Hannibal’s Kenney Middle School students competed in two categories. Twenty-one students made up the eight teams representing Kenney in category I. These teams competed against 115 other teams of of fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders.

The teams were; The Bridge Busters – Bradley Wiggins, Jake Kelly and Logan Hayden 90th place; The Unstoppable Warriors – Faith Smith, Mackenzie Stienbrecher and Tory Pavo 70th  place; The Pretty Little L’s – Kelly Loveland, Alexis Lindsley and Miranda Lindsley 65th place; The Creators  – Matthew Thompson Ayden Cleary 57th place; The Camo Kings  – Joey Cerillo and Ryan Whitcomb Hunter Dumas 56th  place; Awesome A Cutizie #3- Alivia Diefenbacher and Alyssa Emmons 47th  place;  the Golden Gate Bridge Builders – Blake Donhauser and Phillip Nosko 27th  place; And the highest placing category 1 team, placing 7th  was The Bridge Builders team of Noah Kuc, Ryan Nosko and Zach Shortslef.

Kenney Middle School had five teams competing in Category II, grades 7 and 8, against 58 other teams.

The teams were: The Purple Twinsies – Christina Thompson & Nora Kingsbury 44th place; The  Rainbow Zebras -Brayden Lambry and  Jon Mills 43rd place;  The Crusher – Colby Pavo and Andrew Huller 35th place;  The Galloping Gertie Repair Crew – Hunter Donhauser and Zachery Williams 22nd place.

The highest placing category II team placing 21st  was The Piggy Bank Bridge Crushers team of Stephen McCombie & John Ruggio.

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