It’s Election Day!

Get out and vote today at your polling place.

All of the county legislators are up for election this year and there’s an election for county treasurer. Also, most towns have elections for town board members, town clerks and town justices. A number of towns also have referendums concerning changing the length of term for various town positions.

There also are state referendums this year — six of them to be exact. Be sure to vote on them too.

Here is what they are about:

1) Authorize the development of up to seven new casinos in New York state.

2) Grant additional Civil Service credit to veterans certified as disabled after they have been appointed or promoted to a Civil Service position.

3) Extend for 10 years the authority of counties, cities, towns and villages to exclude from their constitutional debt limits indebtedness from the construction or reconstruction of sewage facilities.

4) Resolve competing claims of ownership of land between the state and private parties concerning land in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County.

5) Allow NYCO Minerals to continue mining operations in the town of Lewis, Essex  County.

6) Increase to age 80 the maximum age to which state Supreme Court justices and judges on the Court of Appeals may serve. Now they must retire at 70.

Here is a list of the candidates running in Oswego County:

Editor’s Note: The party abbreviations are as follows: D is Democrat; R is Republican, I is Independence; C is Conservative; G is Green; W is Working Families

Justice of the Supreme Court

James N. Romeo, D

Nancy Jean Larson, D

John V. Centra, R-C-I

Anthony J. Paris, R-C-I


County Treasurer

Fred C. Beardsley, R-C-I


County Legislature

District 1: Margaret A. Kastler, R-C-I

District 2: Milferd H. Potter, R-C-I

District 3: Shawn Patrick Doyle, R-C

District 4: David Holst, R-I

District 5: Roy Reehil, R; Ronald E. Sakonyi, C

District 6: John J. Martino, R-I

District 7: John E. Proud, R

District 8: Daniel LeClair, R-C-I

District 9: James Weatherup, R-I

District 10: Robert J. Hayes, R-I

District 11: Linda L. Lockwood, R-C

District 12: John W. Brandt, R-I; Richard P. Kline, C

District 13: Kevin L. Gardner, R

District 14: ; Bradley T. Coe, C; Stephen Walpole, R

District 15: Jacob A. Mulcahey, D-Other

District 16: Amy M. Tresidder, D

District 17: Shane Broadwell, R-C-I; Ken Cuyler, Other

District 18: Michael K. Kunzwiler, D, C

District 19: Marie C. Schadt, D-R-C

District 20: Douglas E. Malone, D-C-Other; Joseph Susino, R-I

District 21: ; Michael P. Bukolt, Other; Terry M. Wilbur, R-C-I

District 22: James Karasek, R-C

District 23: Morris Sorbello Jr., R-C-Other

District 24: Daniel T. Farfaglia, D-C

District 25: Frank Castiglia Jr., D-C-Other; Louella LeClair, R-I


Referendum 1: Adding another town justice to the town.

Referendum 2: Increasing the term of the supervisor from two to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Referendum 3: Increasing the term of the superintendent of highways from two to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Referendum 4: Increasing the term for the town clerk from two years to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Supervisor: David Aaron Walter, R; Carl E. Anson Jr., C-I

Town clerk: Valorie A. Rose, D; Amy J. Ford, R

Town justice: Howard L. Allen Jr., R

Councilman: (pick 2) Lonny L. Mattison, R; Randy L. Mattison, R; Nancy A. Sheeley, Other

Superintendent of highways: Charles Sperling, D-Other; Steven M. Cronk, R-C-I


Supervisor: Barry D. Leemann, R.I

Town clerk: Mary Ann Clark, D

Town justice: Elizabeth A. Dunham, D-R

Councilman: (pick 2) Susan D. Halbrittter, R; Bruce E. Stone, R-I; Lawrence c. Rayder, I

Assessor: Anne Miller, R; James L. Goldsberry, R

Tax collector: Regina Sampson, R

Superintendent of highways: John Perkins III, R-I


Supervisor: Ann M. Stacy, R; Charles Rose, C-I-Other

Town clerk:  Paulette Skinner, R-Other; Doreen Macklen, C-I-Other

Town justice: David W. Lathrop, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Jimmy J, Walker, R; Dale McNitt, R; James Macklen, Other

Tax collector: Shirley McNitt, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael J. Stacy, R


Supervisor: Charles R. Gilkey, R; Dale Mussen, C-Other

Town clerk: Clare D. Hayes, D-R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Thomas J. Moran, R-C; Chad Whitney, R

Superintendent of highways: Wayne Woolridge, R-C


Supervisor: Edward A. Williamson, R-C-Other

Town clerk: Janet L. Ingersoll, D-C

Town justice (pick 2): Edwin B. Winkworth, D-R-C-W-I-G; Bruce R. Wells, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Michael G. French, D; Lynn M. Lyons, D; Eric A. Clothier, R-C-Other; Brenda L. Frazier-Hartle, R-C-Other


Supervisor: Ronald C. Greenleaf, C

Town justice: (pick 2) Adam L. Labonoski, D; Jack S. Beckwith Jr, R-C-Other; Eugene Hafner, R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Christopher J. Soper, D-C; Virginia M. Wilbur, R-C-I; Randy J. Hendricks, R-I

Superintendent of highways: Daniel J. Mahaney, D-Other; George H. Ritchie, R-C-Other


Superivsor: Tony Bush, R-C-I

Town clerk: Shelley Bombardo, R-I

Town justice: Ronald Myers, R-I

Councilman: (pick 2) John Coleman, R-I; Leonard Rice, R-I

Superintendent of highways: Robert Clark, R-C-I; Linwood Woody Hall, Other


Town justice: (pick 1) Douglas B. Horton, R; Jon Moretti, C; Brian Todd Windey, Other

Councilman: Eric Behling, R


Supervisor: William C. Dodds III, D-Other

Town clerk: Jennifer A. Allen, D-R

Councilman: (pick 2) Shawn McCrae, D; John L. Familo, R-Other; Dominick A. Yacco, R-Other

Superintendent of highways: James r. Sharkey, D-Other; Keith J. Moody, R-Other


Supervisor: Russell E. Sturtz III, R

Town justice: Terry F. Searles, D

Councilman: (pick 2) Patricia A. Prosser, R; William Rombough, R


Supervisor: William G. Potter, R

Town clerk: Traci S. LaVeck, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Robert D. Crossett, R; Jeffrey Graham, R

Superintendent of highways: Douglas C. Henry, R-I-Other


Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen, R-C-I

Town justice: (pick 2) Donald H. Dodd, R-C-I; Michael Sterio, R-C-I

Councilman: (pick 2) Tim DeSacia, R; Greg Herrmann, R


Superisor: Patricia A. Redhead, R

Town clerk: Jean M. Gulliver, R

Town justice: Edward N. Boisseau, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Thomas R. Hilton, R; Doris French, R-Other

Superintendent of highways: James Pettit, R


Referendum 1: Increasing the town clerk term from two years to four years.

Referendum 2: Increasing the supervisor term from two years to four years.

Referendum 3: Increasing the highway superintendent term from two years to four years.

Supervisor: Stephen J. Stelmashuck, D-C

Town clerk: Kelly I. Reader, D; Mary Ann Phillips, R-C-I

Town justice: Carl L. Dayger, D-R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) John E. Dunham, D-C; Carra P. Watson, D; Douglas E. Jordan, R-C

Tax collector: Mary L. Houghton, R

Superintendent of highways: David J. Reader, D-C; George R. Korthas, R-I


Supervisor: Tanya M. Yerdon, D-R

Town clerk: Susan C. Hough, D-R

Town justice: (pick 1) Ralph L. Fox, D; Dory A. Dumas, R

Councilman: (pick 2) James A. Cheney, D; Dora M. Hallock, D;  Erwin A. Webb, R

Tax collector: Sue A. Harlander, D-R

Superintendent of highways: Paul E. Pratt, D-R-Other


Supervisor: Daniel C. Krupke, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Donna M. Gilson, R; Sue E. Haynes, R


Referendum 1: Increasing the highway superintendent’s term from two years to four years.

Referendum 2: Increasing the town clerk’s term from two years to four years.

Referendum 3: Increasing the supervisor’s term from two year to four years.


Supervisor: Nancy L. Ridgeway, R

Town clerk: Tammy L. Miller, R

Town justice: Terry E. Crast, R

Councilman: (pick 2) John W. Wood Jr., R; Ruth E. Scheppard, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael C. Kastler Jr., R-C; Timothy S. Crast, Other


Mayor: Grant J. Rohrmoser, R-Other; Steven J. Washburn, Other

Trustee: Sharon L. Turo, R


Supervisor: Lynett M. Greco, D-R-C; Patrick J. Nugent, I

Town justice: Armen Nazarian, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Michael Lattimore, D; Stephen Hutchins, D-C-Other; Timothy J Dunnigan, R; Suzanne M. Duquette, R

Receiver of taxes: George W. Simons, R


Supervisor: Kenneth E. Burdick, R

Town clerk: Rebecca A. Lavery, R

Town justice: Kenneth H. Adkins, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Bradford Kennedy, R; Eileen L. Santoro, R; Kelly M. Lagoe, C

Assessor: Kerry L. Barnes, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael J. Barry, D; Roger S. Myers, R


Supervisor: Dennis Lockwood, R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Gregory W. Hartranft, R-C; Kelvin K. Kio, R-C; Tax collector: Sandra L. Austin, R-C

Superintendent of highways: Roger A. Dunsmoor, R-C


Referendum 1: Increasing the town clerk’s term from two years to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Supervisor: John Messere, D-I-Other; Verno Sundet, R

Town clerk: Cortney A. Rhinehardt, R; Patrice M. Jock, Other

Town justice: Colleen A. Sullivan, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Gary L. Harrington, R; Michael Hickey, R; Debra A. Phillips, Other

Superintendent of highways:  Randall R. Shaw, R


Supervisor: John Chip Hamblin, R

Town clerk: Faith Ann Baker, R

Town justice: (pick 1) Ronald J. White, D; Michele M. Bull, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Jeffrey A. Hopkinson, D; Sharon J. Kellogg, D; Kimberly Ann Huntley, R; Susan Punch, R

Tax collector: Rosalie B. Platt, R

Superintendent of highways: Henry H. Allen, R


First ward councilor: Fran Enwright, D-Other; Brenda J. Rice, R-W-I-Other

Second ward councilor: Michael R. Myers, R

Third ward councilor: Robert E. Janey, D; Michael E. Todd, R-I

Fourth ward councilor: Shawn P. Walker, R-C

Fifth ward councilor: Frank Clavelli, D-Other; William Billy Barlow Jr., R-I

Sixth ward councilor: Eric Van Buren, D

Seventh ward councilor: Ronald T. Kaplewicz, R


City judge: David H. Hawthorne, R-I

First ward councilor: Ernesto Garcia, D; Thomas Kenyon, R-C

Second ward councilor: Daniel Knopp, D-Other; Douglas Chapman, R

Third ward councilor: Ryan M. Raponi, D-Other; Timothy Crandell, R

Fourth ward councilor: Ralph E. Stacy Jr., D-I; James R. Myers, R; Mark Sherman, C

Fifth ward councilor: Norman Jay Foster, R

Sixth ward councilor: Lawrence E. Macner, D

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