Residents gather to learn tree pruning

Braving the cold and windy conditions on Saturday, over 50 people came to Great Bear Springs for a tree pruning presentation.

With the orchard trees having been unattended for more than 30 years, the apple trees were ideal for demonstrating.

Fernando Araya a local arborist was the presenter and instructor.  Fernando formatted the program so as to use the apple trees at Great Bear and included corresponding information applicable for pruning in general.

A young apple tree was selected to demonstrate pruning techniques to develop proper and healthy growth into a mature tree that would bare fruit in several years.

For the second segment, a mature apple tree was selected.  The tree was in need of thinning out overgrowth of limbs and sucker branches. Demonstrating with hand tools and chainsaw, Fernando worked at ridding unwanted branches and limbs, opening up the tree’s canopy for proper growth and fruit development.

Many pruning questions were answered along with visual demonstrations. The apple trees, with surrounding brush, at Great Bear, present an ideal habitat for wildlife. When brush is cleared under and just around the trees, it allows for deer and other animals to feed on the dropped apples, but gives the animals a safe habitat to retreat to.

This presentation was sponsored by the Fulton Public Library and Friends of Great Bear.

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