In and Around Hannibal, by Rita Hooper

District No. 4 basically comprised the Village of Hannibal and the immediate surrounding area.

However, in the beginning it was part of a much larger district.

The earliest school record in the village are school district meeting minutes recorded by Clerk Abram Watson on April 13, 1813. At that time, the school district was designated as No. 7 and comprised of Lot No’s 57-61, 66-70 and the northern half of 77-80 and all of 81.

At the April meeting, the district area apparently was altered to include Lot Nos 57, 58, 66, 67, half of Lot Nos 59, 68, 76, and 77 and one-fourth of 78. In addition the redefined area was redesignated as School District No. 3 (North Hannibal?)

The next recorded district meeting occurred Oct. 13, 1813, and was held at the home of Mr. Carter.  Arvin Rice was chosen chairman and Abram Watson continued as clerk.  It is interesting to note that the war of 1812 officially ended on Christmas Eve 1814 – fifty- two men from Hannibal were involved in the war including Abram Watson and Arvin Rice Sr.

Business of the district was discussed and the following resolutions passed:

No. 1:  Resolved unanimously that there be a schoolhouse built in the highway near the dwelling house of Mr. Carter.

No. 2:  Resolved that Arvin Rice, John D. Bradt and Samuel Sanders be trustees of the District.

No. 3:  Resolved that the Trustees lay a tax not to exceed one hundred dollars to build a schoolhouse, etc.

No. 4:  Resolved that William Hawks be collector. William Hawks and Samuel Sanders also took part in the War of 1812

The concept of building the schoolhouse in the road right-of-way was a rather novel idea.  Apparently, the trustees saw no good reason for wasting any taxpayers’ money by purchasing a lot.

Rather, they thought that by building the schoolhouse on the edge of the highway it would have easy access and wouldn’t be in anybody’s way.

Whether or not this was actually done cannot be fully substantiated. However, we do know that the schoolhouse was constructed, probably out of logs, at a cost of $60.48.

During the two-months that school was held in the winter of 1813-14, the teacher’s salary amounted to $14. Laura Kent taught school 21/2 months in 1815. Her wages were $1.75 per week and she boarded herself.

Later in the year, Polly Dunton taught at the school at the same salary. The next year, the teacher’s wages were raised to 15 shillings per week.

(Laura Kent is listed among the first members of the Presbyterian Church with Alexander Trumbel and  Cephas Kent.)

Starting in 1817, the newly formed Presbyterian Church used the schoolhouse for its Sunday services since the congregation had no house of worship of their own at the time.  According to church records, the schoolhouse was located on Church Street across the street from the present Community Church, (God’s Vision Christian Church,) and somewhat nearer the Village Square. Whether the schoolhouse was originally built on that site or moved there at some later date, one can only speculate.

In 1820, a second school building was erected in the Village of Hannibal. It was a small, two-room structure constructed of bricks, probably produced locally, and was located in the vicinity of the current firemen’s parking lot adjacent to the Hannibal Community Center on Oswego Street.

In 1868, a fine new brick schoolhouse was built on Cayuga Street on the site of what in future years would be Hannibal Auto Sales (in the vicinity of the Dollar General.)  The structure was 42 feet by 54 feet and was two stories in height. It contained three classrooms and a huge study hall.

The bricks used in construction were manufactured in the village at the brickyard behind the present firehouse. When it opened, it was staffed by four teachers and the number of pupils attending was 130.

To be continued…. With thanks to Lowell Newvine and the Hannibal Historical Society for Hannibal History in Pictures and Prose.


This Tuesday is Election Day – a good number of Hannibal ladies will be rising very early to get to the polls and set them up for voters in Hannibal, Fulton and Granby and maybe someplaces I don’t know.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. If this night owl can get up bright and early to work the polls, she hopes you will make the effort to vote.  In other countries, people walk miles so they can exercise their right to vote; in this country a very small percentage cast a ballot.  If you don’t vote – don’t complain!


Granby Center United Methodist Church, will be serving a pulled pork dinner from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3. You can eat in or get a takeout and you can purchase a complete dinner or just a sandwich. The church is located on County Route. 3, 1 mile from the intersection with State Route 3.

Hannibal Senior Dining Center meets at noon for dinner at the Senior Center (Library Building) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come early for coffee and news or to work on a jigsaw puzzle or  play games or engage is some idle chit-chat. Give Rosemary a call and make your reservation, 564-5471.  This week’s menu is:

Monday,  Italian sausage with peppers and onions, baked beans, chuck wagon corn, range juice, pudding

Wednesday, Ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetable, fruit d

Friday, Homemade soup, sandwich, juice, cookie

Activities:   Monday:  Wii bowling,     Wednesday:   bingo after lunch,     Friday:  games:  dominoes & scrabble

Sports Boosters will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 4 in the High School Library

Oswego County Hospice will be celebrating Hospicetality at several area restaurants.  Having been a recipient of Hospice when my husband was ill, I urge your support. Blue Moon in Fulton will be taking part this Monday for both lunch and dinner, Canale’s on Nov. 12, Ruby Tuesday’s (Oswego) on Nov. 14. Canale’s and Ruby Tuesday require a coupon which is good for lunch and dinner. Arena’s Eis House, Mexico, for dinner only on Nov. 19.

The Hannibal Methodist Church will host its annual Election Day Luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 5 at the church. Takeouts will be available and delivery in the Village is doable. Call 564-5346. The church is handicapped accessible and is 1 block west of the village on Church Street. The luncheon will include your choice of New England clam chowder and vegetable beef soup and a choice of sandwiches and pie for dessert.

Home and School will meet at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 5 in Rm 30, Pre-K wing at Fairley.

The Senior Band Concert will be at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 6 in Lockwood Auditorium in the High School.

Shirts ‘N Skirts, Square Dance Club, meets from 7 to 9:30 p.m. every Friday at the Fulton Municipal Building, South First Street. Admission is $5. All ages are welcome, under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Info: 591-0093 or email

The Hannibal Town Board meets the third Wednesday of the month.  11-20

The Hannibal Village Board meets the second Monday of the month.  11-11

The Hannibal Planning Board meets the first Thursday of the month.  11-7

Remember this column is about and for the people of Hannibal and the surrounding area. If you have an event that you would like the public to know about, send me an email or give me a quick call.

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