Leighton students receive ice cream for learning to mix colors

Submitted by Oswego schools

Frederick Leighton Elementary School kindergarten students were rewarded with Friendly’s ice cream for their recent classroom work.

Art teacher Michele Gorham assisted the kindergarteners in a special project.

She noted, “They are learning how to make their own colors. They are mixing two primary colors together to make a new color. We have been mixing and making our own oranges, greens and purples. They then used these colors to make a landscape or pumpkin. They practices their painting, drawing, cutting and gluing skills”.

The student in Mary Lisk’s class brought their pumpkin creations to Friendly’s on West Bridge Street and they were put on display through Halloween.

The youngsters work  was in conjunction with the Oswego City School District Art Standards which encourages students to create art work in a variety of media. The  New York State Art Standards require  students to know and use art materials and resources as well as to create, perform and participate in the arts.


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