Bodley Bulletins, by Julia Ludington

Hopefully everyone is in a Halloween mood!

Don’t forget that the Red Cross Blood Drive that GRB is hosting takes place tomorrow throughout the day. I made a mistake in my last article-if you donate, you will receive Taco Bell rather than pizza and donuts. Sounds like a promising incentive!

Many of our Sectional games went well last week. The girls’ Varsity Soccer Team won their first-round game against Carthage, 4-3. The boys’ Varsity Soccer team beat Whitesboro at home, 3-0.

Soon, however, fall sports will come to an end and winter sports will already be starting up. I cannot believe that snow is already appearing in our weather forecasts! Indoor sports, including wrestling, indoor track, and basketball will begin to prepare for their upcoming seasons. Even some spring sports, including lacrosse, will soon be seen in the GRB weight room, hard at work.

If you are interested in working out after school, the weight room is open to anyone on Mondays and Thursdays, 2:40 to 4:40.

If you need a quick snack before your workout, or are simply hungry for a little something during your 8th or 9th bell study hall or after school, look no further than the Raider Den! The Raider Den is a school store selling drinks and refreshments to students. Many tasty treats can be purchased at affordable prices, so make sure to check it out.

Along with fall sports ending, the first quarter marking period is also almost over. Make sure you are checking your grades on School Tool and meeting with your teachers if you find there are any discrepancies. Remember that you must have an 84.5 or higher to make Honor Roll, and an 89.5 or higher to make High Honor Roll. Strive to do your best!

If you are having any trouble in a particular class, National Honor Society members are tutoring every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Certain subjects are focused on in certain rooms, so see your Guided Study Hall teacher for information on where to go.

If you are trick-or-treating tomorrow, remember that the city-designated hours are from 6-8 o’clock. Have fun but also be safe!

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