Salmon River Fine Arts Center competition winner named

The Salmon River Fine Arts Center recently held its opening reception for the  Annual 2013 – Exhibition and Competition of Sunday Artists.

It is open until Nov. 23. Gallery hours are noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

It is free and open to the public. Special tours may be arranged by calling 298-7007. Judge for this event was artist Jeanne Lampson .

AQUAMEDIA: First Place: Jan Tighe, Pulaski, for SELKIRK II;  Second Place: Rhoda Cunningham, Oswego, for AFTER THE FLOOD; Third Place:Tammy Woodruff, Pulaski, for HARBOR HOLLYHOCKS; Honorable Mention: Maggie Henry, Oswego and Jan Tighe Pulaski.

DECORATIVE ART: First Place: Virginia Hansen, Adams, for LINEN WALL HANGING; Second Place: Jerry Bonk, Hastings, for PUMPKIN; Third Place: Pat Fahey, Pulaski, for CAMP; Honorable Mention: Jerry Bonk,Hastings, for LIBERTY.

GRAPHICS: First Place: Linda Flynn, Bridgeport, for ORANGE LANDSCAPE, Second Place: Kathy Mason, Lacona, for ARBOUR ABSTRACT; Third Place: Maryanne Laratta, Brewerton, for WHISPER OF AUTUMN.  Honorable Mention: Terese DeMarais, Pulaski

OIL: First Place, Russ Fahey, Pulaski, for SPIRIT LAKE, Second Place: Frieda Daniels, Pulaski, for ANGRY SKY, Third Place: Virginia Hansen, Adams, for WILLOW AT SOUTHWICKS.

PHOTOGRAPHY: First Place: Susan Hubbard, Pulaski, for GREAT BLUE HERON; Second Place: Rhoda Cunningham, Oswego, for WARM SUNSHINE BLOSSOM: Third Place: Kimberly Rossiter, Fulton, for ROCKY PEAK RIDGE; Honorable Mention: Christal Goodsell, Pulaski and Ellen Landphere, Mexico, Wally Reardon, Pulaski, and Terrie Carter, Orwell.

SCULPTURE: First Place: Stanley Webb, Pulaski,  for BEYOND THE HORROR OF THE HEIGHTS.

STAINED GLASS: First Place: Kimberly Rossiter, Fulton, for CARNIVAL.

WOOD: First Place: Gerald Higby, Pulaski, for LILAC’S OTHER BEAUTY.

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