Renegade Roller Derby comes to Oswego

Oz Roller Derby hosted Oswego’s first renegade roller derby Saturday, Oct. 19, at the Oswego YMCA Armory.

The fast-paced, hard-hitting bout saw Oz Revolution pitted against the Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks team from Binghamton in a tight, close-scoring game, with Boomtown pulling out the win in the final minutes.

The final score was Boomtown, 102, with Oz Revolution finishing up with a score of 97.

Renegade roller derby is similar to, yet very different from, most popular versions of roller derby played in Upstate New York.

Renegade derby is identified as ‘No Rules’ derby because there are no penalties assigned to skaters. Timing, scoring, blocking and general game play are all very similar to other forms of derby.

Some key differences include no stopping on the track, player takedowns and the fact that it is coed.

“New fans of the Renegade-style said watching the two teams play was reminiscent of the original roller derby style of the 70s,” said a Boomtown skater.

Team members for Oz Revolution included Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy, Mob Zombie, D. Devistation and Flyin Phil. Skaters for the Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks were Domin-Ate-Her, Oddbahl, Major Issues and Timmy Twitch.

Referees were Keltic Krusher, Gabzilla and Sychotix-Con.

“The renegade-style bout was the most aggressive bout I’ve ever had the opportunity to participate in, bar none,” said Flyin Phil. “It was a four-on-four Ironman … no penalties, no substitutions with four 15-minute periods.

“It had fast packs with no opportunity to catch your breath, especially after jamming. Endurance was a big factor but not one person gave up at any time. I had more fun than any of the 20-plus bouts I’ve previously skated in,” Flyin Phil said.

Volunteers from SUNY Oswego’s fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon were on hand before and after the event to help move, set up and tear down the 6,000-square-feet of portable track.

“We are extremely grateful to Sigma Alpha Epsilon for all of their efforts and support,” said Victoria Usherwood Gailinas, founder of Oz Roller Derby. “They are a great group of young men and their help was greatly appreciated.”

Both teams as well as the volunteers celebrated the first Oswego renegade bout with an after-party at Carp’s on West First Street.

Oz Revolution skaters next renegade bout is Sunday, Oct. 27, when they will once again represent and play for Boomtown in Hamburg, Pa., against KSRR (Key

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