Fulton man supports Crandell, Castiglia

I would like to put forth an endorsement of Tim Crandell for 3rd Ward Councilor.

Tim is an active member for the 3rd ward community, he regularly attends the monthly meetings and speaks up with his concerns. I myself do not attend all the meetings, however, I can say that his opponent seems to have been conspicuously absent from most of them that I have attended.

In fact, he is virtually an unknown commodity, so I cannot speak to his qualifications or lack of them, if any.

Tim Crandell can be seen most mornings at about 6 a.m. at a local grocery, buying coffee a he heads to his job locally. Tim spends his days at work looking out for his employers best interests and maintaining business. As a potential employer in the position of taxpayer, this is exactly what I want in an elected official … somebody who will watch the pennies and dimes and watch out for our interests.

Tim is a personable guy, he is concerned and interested in what goes on in government. Tim will work for us and with us, he is completely without guile, he is an honest and stand up buy … something we need more of. Tim works for a living, he gets dirty and is not afraid of hard work … again .. something we need.

I am sure he will treat a spot as Councilor with the same diligence and respect he treats his regular job — he is a man of the regular folks and will act that way when elected. In other words, he will not live in an ivory tower. He know how things work and live in the real world. In other words, he will base his actions on fact, not feelings.

In the legislative race on the east side of Fulton, Mr. Castiglia is a very good choice. He is concerned not about what health benefits he can maintain at taxpayer expense, or other perks the taxpayers supply, much like current legislators in many cases. Again, Mr. Castiglia is a concerned citizen who gets it.

You readers may notice that my endorsements cross party lines. The reason for this is that as a taxpayer and lifelong resident, I want what is best for us the taxpayer and think that these two men can provide the dedication and service we need.

We recently made headlines as one of the most heavily taxed cities in the country. Any anybody trying to sell a home on the river about the taxes and how they affect selling homes.

In a city with an approximated 40 percent tax base and in a state where we now officially have more people on welfare than working, I say enough is enough. Enough with the touchy feely way of doing business locally and at the county leve. We are paying the freight and it is time we elected people who will recognize that.

Crandell for councilor; Castiglia for legislator.

Wes Belcher


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