Pringle supports Granby trio

I am writing this in support of the three most important people in the town of Granby.

I grew up in Granby and have since moved out of Granby because of the taxes. If Ed Williamson was Town Supervisor back then, we probably would still live in   Granby.

Ed has done a great job for the people and should keep doing a great job.

Now for two candidates that are running for Granby Town Council. I hope you will all give them your support. They are  Brenda Frazier-Hartle and Eric Clothier.

Brenda is a hard worker and she will look out for the people. Eric Clothier will also look out for the people he also is a good worker. Brenda and Eric are both energetic and you need new blood.

So when you go to vote don’t forget these three people.

I know Ed has been there and you need to keep him in, he has done a lot for the Town Of Granby and Ed will fight for you and so will Brenda and Eric.

Don’t forget to get out and vote Nov. 5.

Thank you for your support,

Sue Pringle 


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