Hooper favors Mahaney

I moved to Fulton two years ago after 40 years in Hannibal (with a five-year absence.)

But Hannibal will always be home to me and my family. It was a privilege to be able to serve the people of Hannibal as a member of the Town Board.

I wish I were there to vote for Dan Mahaney for Highway Superintendent. Dan is an honorable man who has worked hard to bring a level of professionalism to the highway department.

He has sought and received grants that have enabled us to do more with less Hannibal taxpayer money. He has developed relationships with town residents, vendors and neighboring highway departments that have benefited Hannibal.

He has overseen the maintenance of abandoned cemeteries. He has attended schools and training as required (suggested) by the state.

He is up in the middle of the night, checking roads and conferring with the school superintendent regarding school closing. (I know because I’m one of those night owls that have seen the truck go by when I lived in town!)

I urge the voters of Hannibal to vote for Dan Mahaney — a person who makes Hannibal a priority, a person who has kept our roads safe for our children and ourselves, a person I’m proud to call friend.

Rita Hooper


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