Lockwood runs for re-election to county legislature

Oswego County Legislator Linda Lockwood is running for re-election in the 11th district, serving the town of Volney and parts of Fulton

Lockwood serves as chair of the Public Safety and Emergency Services committee, which oversees the Sheriff’s Department, 911 Emergency Services and the Probation Department.

This committee has been instrumental in developing and designing a new radio communication network that will be an asset to all of Oswego County.

Lockwood also serves on the infrastructure committee as a representative to the solid waste management board, while acting as director on the Soil and Water committee.

She also served on the airport advisory committee, the protocol committee for E-911 and several other committees.

The major issue at this time for the legislature are state mandates and trying to maintain no increase in taxes without cutting employment or cutting services.

Lockwood is always available to constituents or anyone in Oswego County who needs help. She prides herself on being levelheaded and a good listener. She asked for your vote on Nov. 5.

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