Playground at Franklin Park refurbished

The playground at Franklin Park in Oswego has been refurbished.

The Oswego Renaissance Association (ORA) coordinated a community based project to powerwash, repair and re-stain the Playground Area in Franklin Park. The work took place Oct. 5.

“The playground is used by hundreds of children each week from all over our city,” said Paul Stewart, the Oswego Renaissance Association dircetor.

“Responding to citizens’ concerns the ORA contact Mayor Gillen who instructed the Oswego DPW to assess what repairs were needed and could be done,” he said.  “The DPW agreed to make all the needed repairs and to supply the necessary stain. The ORA agreed to form a team of volunteers to do the rest of the work.”

More than 30 people have volunteered to help. Many of the volunteers are local neighbors and parents of children who use the playground but a surprisingly large number of the volunteers are SUNY students.

“The outpouring has been wonderful!”  said Steven Phillips; project coordinator. “I knew we would have local neighbors and parents but I was surprised at the large number of SUNY students who stepped forward. Even one of the local fraternities pledged 10 of their brothers to work the entire day.”

The ORA is a community based organization that works to build on Oswego’s strengths through the “Healthy Neighborhood Approach”; a middle market approach to community revitalization that has been successfully tested in scores of similar cities across the country.

To get involved or for more information contact The Oswego Renaissance Association via their website;  or by calling 439-2040.

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