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Editor’s Note: The party abbreviations are as follows: D is Democrat; R is Republican, I is Independence; C is Conservative; G is Green; W is Working Families


Justice of the Supreme Court

James N. Romeo, D

Nancy Jean Larson, D

John v. Centra, R-C-I

Anthony J. Paris, R-C-I


County Treasurer

Fred C. Beardsley, R-C-I


County Legislature

District 1: Margaret A. Kastler, R-C-I

District 2: Milferd H. Potter, R-C-I

District 3: Shawn Patrick Doyle, R-C

District 4: David Holst, R-I

District 5: Roy Reehil, R; Ronald E. Sakonyi, C

District 6: John J. Martino, R-I

District 7: John E. Proud, R

District 8: Daniel LeClair, R-C-I

District 9: James Weatherup, R-I

District 10: Robert J. Hayes, R-I

District 11: Linda L. Lockwood, R-C

District 12: John W. Brandt, R-I; Richard P. Kline, C

District 13: Kevin L. Gardner, R

District 14: Stephen Walpole, R; Bradley T. Coe, C

District 15: Jacob a. Mulcahey, D-Other

District 16: Amy M. Tresidder, D

District 17: Shane Broadwell, R-C-I

District 18: Michael K. Kunzwiler, D, C

District 19: Marie C. Schadt, D-R-C

District 20: Douglas E. Malone, D-C-Other; Joseph Susino, R-I

District 21: Terry M. Wilbur, R-C-I; Michael P. Bukolt, Other

District 22: James Karasek, R-C

District 23: Morris Sorbello Jr., R-C-Other

District 24: Daniel T. Farfaglia, D-C

District 25: Frank Castiglia Jr., D-C-Other; Louella LeClair, R-I




Referendum 1: Adding another town justice to the town.

Referendum 2: Increasing the term of the supervisor from two to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Referendum 3: Increasing the term of the superintendent of highways from two to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Referendum 4: Increasing the term for the town clerk from two years to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.


Supervisor: David Aaron Walter, R; Carl E. Anson Jr., C-I

Town clerk: Valorie A. Rose, D; Amy J. Ford, R

Town justice: Howard L. Allen Jr., R

Councilman: (pick 2) Lonny L. Mattison, R; Randy L. Mattison, R; Nancy A. Sheeley, Other

Superintendent of highways: Charles Sperling, D-Other; Steven M. Cronk, R-C-I




Supervisor: Barry D. Leemann, R.I

Town clerk: Mary Ann Clark, D

Town justice: Elizabeth A. Dunham, D-R

Councilman: (pick 2) Susan D. Halbrittter, R; Bruce E. Stone, R-I; Lawrence c. Rayder, I

Assessor: Anne Miller, R; James L. Goldsberry, R

Tax collector: Regina Sampson, R

Superintendent of highways: John Perkins III, R-I




Supervisor: Ann M. Stacy, R; Charles Rose, C-I-Other

Town clerk:  Paulette Skinner, R-Other; Doreen Macklen, C-I-Other

Town justice: David W. Lathrop, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Jimmy J, Walker, R; Dale McNitt, R; James Macklen, Other

Tax collector: Shirley McNitt, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael J. Stacy, R




Supervisor: Charles R. Gilkey, R; Dale Mussen, C-Other

Town clerk: Clare D. Hayes, D-R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Thomas J. Moran, R-C; Chad Whitney, R

Superintendent of highways: Wayne Woolridge, R-C




Supervisor: Edward A. Williamson, R-C-Other

Town clerk: Janet L. Ingersoll, D-C

Town justice (pick 2): Edwin B. Winkworth, D-R-C-W-I-G; Bruce R. Wells, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Michael G. French, D; Lynn M. Lyons, D; Eric A. Clothier, R-C-Other; Brenda L. Frazier-Hartle, R-C-Other



Supervisor: Ronald C. Greenleaf, C

Town justice: (pick 2) Adam L. Labonoski, D; Jack S. Beckwith Jr, R-C-Other; Eugene Hafner, R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Christopher J. Soper, D-C; Virginia M. Wilbur, R-C-I; Randy J. Hendricks, R-I

Superintendent of highways: Daniel J. Mahaney, D-Other; George H. Ritchie, R-C-Other



Superivsor: Tony Bush, R-C-I

Town clerk: Shelley Bombardo, R-I

Town justice: Ronald Myers, R-I

Councilman: (pick 2) John Coleman, R-I; Leonard Rice, R-I

Superintendent of highways: Robert Clark, R-C-I; Linwood Woody Hall, Other




Town justice: (pick 1) Douglas B. Horton, R; Jon Moretti, C; Brian Todd Windey, Other

Councilman: Eric Behling, R




Supervisor: William C. Dodds III, D-Other

Town clerk: Jennifer A. Allen, D-R

Councilman: (pick 2) Shawn McCrae, D; John L. Familo, R-Other; Dominick A. Yacco, R-Other

Superintendent of highways: James r. Sharkey, D-Other; Keith J. Moody, R-Other




Supervisor: Russell E. Sturtz III, R

Town justice: Terry F. Searles, D

Councilman: (pick 2) Patricia A. Prosser, R; William Rombough, R




Supervisor: William G. Potter, R

Town clerk: Traci S. LaVeck, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Robert D. Crossett, R; Jeffrey Graham, R

Superintendent of highways: Douglas C. Henry, R-I-Other




Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen, R-C-I

Town justice: (pick 2) Donald H. Dodd, R-C-I; Michael Sterio, R-C-I

Councilman: (pick 2) Tim DeSacia, R; Greg Herrmann, R




Superisor: Patricia A. Redhead, R

Town clerk: Jean M. Gulliver, R

Town justice: Edward N. Boisseau, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Thomas R. Hilton, R; Doris French, R-Other

Superintendent of highways: James Pettit, R




Referendum 1: Increasing the town clerk term from two years to four years.

Referendum 2: Increasing the supervisor term from two years to four years.

Referendum 3: Increasing the highway superintendent term from two years to four years.


Supervisor: Stephen J. Stelmashuck, D-C

Town clerk: Kelly I. Reader, D; Mary Ann Phillips, R-C-I

Town justice: Carl L. Dayger, D-R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) John E. Dunham, D-C; Carra P. Watson, D; Douglas E. Jordan, R-C

Tax collector: Mary L. Houghton, R

Superintendent of highways: David J. Reader, D-C; George R. Korthas, R-I




Supervisor: Tanya M. Yerdon, D-R

Town clerk: Susan C. Hough, D-R

Town justice: (pick 1) Ralph L. Fox, D; Dory A. Dumas, R

Councilman: (pick 2) James A. Cheney, D; Dora M. Hallock, D;  Erwin A. Webb, R

Tax collector: Sue A. Harlander, D-R

Superintendent of highways: Paul E. Pratt, D-R-Other




Supervisor: Daniel C. Krupke, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Donna M. Gilson, R; Sue E. Haynes, R




Referendum 1: Increasing the highway superintendent’s term from two years to four years.

Referendum 2: Increasing the town clerk’s term from two years to four years.

Referendum 3: Increasing the supervisor’s term from two year to four years.


Supervisor: Nancy L. Ridgeway, R

Town clerk: Tammy L. Miller, R

Town justice: Terry E. Crast, R

Councilman: (pick 2) John W. Wood Jr., R; Ruth E. Scheppard, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael C. Kastler Jr., R-C; Timothy S. Crast, Other




Mayor: Grant J. Rohrmoser, R-Other; Steven J. Washburn, Other

Trustee: Sharon L. Turo, R




Supervisor: Lynett M. Greco, D-R-C; Patrick J. Nugent, I

Town justice: Armen Nazarian, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Michael Lattimore, D; Stephen Hutchins, D-C-Other; Timothy J Dunnigan, R; Suzanne M. Duquette, R

Receiver of taxes: George W. Simons, R




Supervisor: Kenneth E. Burdick, R

Town clerk: Rebecca A. Lavery, R

Town justice: Kenneth H. Adkins, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Bradford Kennedy, R; Eileen L. Santoro, R; Kelly M. Lagoe, C

Assessor: Kerry L. Barnes, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael J. Barry, D; Roger S. Myers, R




Supervisor: Dennis Lockwood, R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Gregory W. Hartranft, R-C; Kelvin K. Kio, R-C; Tax collector: Sandra L. Austin, R-C

Superintendent of highways: Roger A. Dunsmoor, R-C




Referendum 1: Increasing the town clerk’s term from two years to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.


Supervisor: John Messere, D-I-Other; Verno Sundet, R

Town clerk: Cortney A. Rhinehardt, R; Patrice M. Jock, Other

Town justice: Colleen A. Sullivan, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Gary L. Harrington, R; Michael Hickey, R; Debra A. Phillips, Other

Superintendent of highways:  Randall R. Shaw, R




Supervisor: John Chip Hamblin, R

Town clerk: Faith Ann Baker, R

Town justice: (pick 1) Ronald J. White, D; Michele M. Bull, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Jeffrey A. Hopkinson, D; Sharon J. Kellogg, D; Kimberly Ann Huntley, R; Susan Punch, R

Tax collector: Rosalie B. Platt, R

Superintendent of highways: Henry H. Allen, R




First ward councilor: Fran Enwright, D-Other; Brenda J. Rice, R-W-I-Other

Second ward councilor: Michael R. Myers, R

Third ward councilor: Robert E. Janey, D; Michael E. Todd, R-I

Fourth ward councilor: Shawn P. Walker, R-C

Fifth ward councilor: Frank Clavelli, D-Other; William Billy Barlow Jr., R-I

Sixth ward councilor: Eric Van Buren, D

Seventh ward councilor: Ronald T. Kaplewicz, R




City judge: David H. Hawthorne, R-I


First ward councilor: Ernesto Garcia, D; Thomas Kenyon, R-C

Second ward councilor: Daniel Knopp, D-Other; Douglas Chapman, R

Third ward councilor: Ryan M. Raponi, D-Other; Timothy Crandell, R

Fourth ward councilor: Ralph E. Stacy Jr., D-I; James R. Myers, R; Mark Sherman, C

Fifth ward councilor: Norman Jay Foster, R

Sixth ward councilor: Lawrence E. Macner, D

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