Candidates endorsed in Granby

Here are statements from some of the candidates endorsed in Granby for the Nov. 5 election:

Ed Williamson, supervisor: 

“As supervisor, I have been endorsed by the Granby Republican Committee, the Oswego County Conservative committee and will run on the Independent line as the ‘But Taxes’ party.

“At present, the property tax rate for the town is $2.46 per $1,000. This rate has decreased twice since 2008 giving our town the designation of having the second lowest tax rate in Oswego County.

“Keeping taxes low is a priority for my administration. One way I have been able to accomplish this task is by controlling expenses and reducing the town’s debt. Since 2008, our debt was reduced by $322,369, saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments.

“I am committed to serving the residents in our town not only by keeping taxes low, but working to ensure our neighborhoods have safe, clean drinking water at an affordable rate. I feel that it is my job as supervisor to ensure we are providing the best services possible.

“It will be great appreciated if you take time to get out and vote Nov. 5. Your support in the past has allowed me to accomplish many tasks to better our town. Your continued support will allow me to work for the future of our great town.”

Eric “Bucky” Clothier, town council: 

“I will bring common sense to our town government operations and make sure that taxes are kept low.

“Today’s high federal, state and county taxes burden the people of the town of Granby and need to be lowered to a reasonable cost. I will listen to the residents and their concerns with water problems, take both sides with deep regard and come up with a solid solution.

“One of my concerns is providing good road access for both summer and winter and keeping our roads in good repair, ultimately saving money for the taxpayers.

“My views of common sense will keep out town taxes low and will continue to look for ways to reduce county state and all other taxes.”

Brenda Frazier-Hartle, town council: 

“I have lived in the town all my life and raised my family here. My mother was a poll watcher and for the last two years, so have I.

“My Uncle Willie Webb was a town councilman for many years. I was your assessor at one time, zoning enforcement officer and the clerk to the current supervisor Mr. Williamson.

“I have been in the banking field as well as bookkeeping positions. Having been involved in the different aspects of the town, I feel I have gained knowledge on the procedures needed to make intelligent decisions.

“I believe that everyone has certain rights to reside on their own property, but they also have to be considerate of their surroundings and neighbors.

“I am proud that the town has such low taxes (second lowest in the county) and wish the other entities would do better to watch spending, i.e. county, school and highway.

“I will work very hard to watch spending and waste within our town to continue to keep your taxes low.”

Morris Sorbello, county legislator:

Morris Sorbello has been endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and Granby First parties for another term as a county legislator.

Sorbello has served on the county legislature in many capacities, including serving as its chairman and on many committees. He now is vice chair of the health committee.

He also serves on the Oswego County Airport Advisory Committee, the Cody Fire Commission, the board for the Central New York Regional Planning group and on the Oswego Industrial Development Agency.

Two years ago, Sorbello received the Martin Rose Leadership and Economic Development award given by Operation Oswego County. He has been involved with job creation projects such as the Norvelis expansion.

Sorbello is the owner and operator of Sorbello and Sons, Inc., a family agricultural business located in Granby. The family has owned the business since 1942.

Along with budget and finance experience, Sorbello said he has firsthand knowledge of the needs of the farming community and the importance of agriculture in Oswego County. He has served as the director of the New York State Vegetable Growers Association.

Sorbello and his wife, Barbara, are the parents of Debbie, Dana and David, grandparents of 10 and great-grandparents of three.


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