Hannibal Democrats endorse candidates

At its regular committee meeting. the Hannibal Democratic Committee agreed to endorse a slate of candidates in this year’s election.

The committee is endorsing Michael Bukolt for legislator of the 21st District, Dan Mahaney for highway superintendent, Chris Soper for town councilor and Adam Labonoski for town Justice.

Michael Bukolt has 38 years experience in corporate sales management. He has  been the regional manager for the Northeast for major firms such as Polaris and Yamaha.

A veteran of the Air Force, he was the youngest noncommissioned officer in the  Air Force.  He and his wife Diana raised three children here in Hannibal — Sarah, Amy and Zak are are all graduates of Hannibal High School.

He believes strongly in community service and in government accountability, which is why he is running for office.  Fiscal accountability, government ethics and transparency are especially important to him. He believes the citizens deserve a choice on Election Day.  He has been active member of his church, especially in youth ministry.

Mahaney is completing his fifth term as highway superintendent.  A former town councilor and planning board member, Mahaney has been actively involved in many community activities.

Managing today’s highway department requires much more than mechanical knowledge.  Mahaney is an experienced supervisor with extensive knowledge of maintenance, budgeting, state rules and regulations and emergency response and safety procedures.

He has computerized the department’s recordkeeping to improve efficiency and completed improvements to the town garage to protect our investment in buildings, equipment and safety.

He also was successful in working with the Department of State to obtain a grant for the purchase of equipment needed by the town. Working within the limits of the reduced budget approved by the town board to maintain results while working with a reduced staff is an ongoing challenge.

Labonoski has long had an interest in the field of justice. In addition to working full time as a nurse at North Medical Center in Liverpool, he owns and operates Upstate NY Process Services, a legal process serving company that also buys and enforces judgments.

He is also working toward a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, which will provide a sound background for the position of town justice.  He and his wife Tiffany and their three daughters live on County Route 3 in Hannibal.

Soper has worked for the town of Sterling highway department for seven years. A Hannibal High school graduate and Eagle Scout, Soper attended SUNY Delhi, majoring in horticulture, and now does landscaping and tree care.

He has also been a member of the Hannibal Town Planning Board for five years.  He wants to be a voice for the taxpayers, bringing their problems and concerns to a fair resolution.  He also wants to give voters a choice on election day.

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