Fairley Elementary fourth-graders visit Camp Hollis

Fourth-grade students at Fairley Elmetntary School recently visited Camp Hollis as part of a two-day field trip.

During their time at Camp Hollis, students visited the pond ecosystem, explored the lakeshore, performed at an outdoor theatre and hiked through nature trails that overlooked Lake Ontario.

Along the trial walk, students discovered grasshoppers, woolly bear caterpillars, a frog and even a turtle resting on a log.

On the nature walk, students were asked to identify nature shapes; a spiral, helix, meander, branch, sphere and polygon.

Acorn tops were gathered to represent a sphere. These and other items will be used in the classroom to create a picture.

Fourth-grade teachers collected water samples from the camp’s pond prior to the outing. These buckets were labeled surface, shallow and bottom.

Students tested the pond water for living organisms and inspected their findings with magnifying glasses. Algae, water shrimp, blood worms, water fleas, and larva were all a part of the ecosystem.

Students also brought along their scientific notebooks where they logged information during the fieldtrip. At the pond, fourth graders illustrated what they saw in their journals.

The two-day trip is in its third year, and is coordinated through the New York State Standards for Science.

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