Valley Viewpoints: Stop whining about Beardsley candidacy

To Mr. Munger and the few Democratic dissenters of Mr. Beardsley’s appointment and ultimate victory:

Fred Beardsley was staunchly opposed by this writer.  I supported a candidate that was from our local Granby Republican Committee.  I wrote letters to the Valley News and spoke for an opposing candidate at many gatherings.

Mr. Bearsdley was appointed to the county treasurer position because he is a fierce campaigner, a good Republican, a long time asset to many candidates now in office.  Beardsley is qualified because he is a citizen of the USA and an Oswego County resident. Fred meets all requirements.  He even has a real birth certificate.

Where were the complainers last summer when petitions were being gathered to place an opposing candidate on the ballot? Obviously Beardsley’s signatures were genuine and the Republican Party came together and worked for him.

About Mr. Beardsley’s education, I don’t think all of the Einsteins in this nation went to Harvard or Onondaga Community College.  I believe there are many people who have made their way through this life and they haven’t had a, so called, formal education.

There are many solid citizens with solid families and well-raised children who are supervisors in a factory, owners of tractor-trailer companies, farmers, mayors and many, many successful small-business owners.

These people would excel as police officers, airplane pilots, human relations people and school principals.

They can handle money and people. They never went to college.  They could add, subtract, multiply, divide, read and reason.  My father went to the sixth grade. My father was a great man!

Fred Beardsley is a team player, he has worked hard. He is a good politician.  He must be. No one is running against him. He has already won. He is your next county treasurer, so stop whining and complaining.  Do your paperwork correctly and work harder next time.


Les Holmes, Chairman

Granby Republican Committee


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