Oswego residents search for their Time Warner public access channels

Some Oswego residents have been calling the office of Mayor Thomas Gillen lately complaining they cannot find the Oswego Common Council meetings on Channel 96, the public access channel.

Gillen said city officials have called the local Time Warner Cable office and were told that as of July 23, Time Warner switched to a digital-only carriage of the Public, Educational and Government (“PEG”) access channels.

Those channels include both channel 16 and channel 96. In order to view these channels now, customers must have their televisions outfitted with certain digital equipment (i.e. a supplied digital converter, a digital adapter, a CableCARD equipped device, or a digital television with a QAM tuner).

All Time Warner customers may pick up the necessary digital equipment at your local Time Warner Office, 335 W. First St., free of charge.

If you have questions regarding the Public, Educational and Governmental access channels, call the local Time Warner Office at 343-1208.

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