Oswego residents have new way to keep in touch with their government

The City of Oswego has launched a new civic engagement and reporting tool, called Oswego Mobile.

Oswego Mobile is a smartphone app that allows residents of Oswego to report issues directly to city staff and councilors. The app is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry markets and is free to download.

The program allows residents to create reports with pictures, video or audio attached, as well as tag the location of the issue on a map using the phones’ GPS. The user then selects the report they would like to make from a list of issues and can add comments to go with the report.

Once the report is sent, it will go directly to the department head or staff member. From that point, the staff will be able to mark the status of the report, request information from the submitter, if needed, or include another department, all being notified to the submitter from the app.

The issues will be stored in a database and will allow city officials to pull information and trends from them to help better use our resources. The app also allows for the city to send out notifications to all app users, like parking ban information, road closings and public meetings.

Sixth Ward Councilor Eric VanBuren was instrumental in researching the implementation of this program and bringing the idea to the full Common Council for its consideration and subsequent approval.

This program is not limited to just smartphone users; residents with computers can log onto www.citysourced.com and select Oswego and report issues from there as well. The app can be found by searching for Oswego Mobile in the app market.

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