Hannibal school district transportation department perfect in recent inspection

Hannibal TransportationGetting students to and from school and school-related events is the Transportation Department’s business at the Hannibal Central School District.

More than 30 vehicles are responsible for the district’s more than 1,400 student-body population.

Twice in a fiscal year the state Department of Transportation performs a multi-point inspection on each bus and vehicle commissioned in a school district’s fleet for student transportation. A DOT representative inspects each vehicle top to bottom, inside and out to ensure a vehicle meets a strict level of standards.

Following the most recent inspection, the Hannibal school district transportation department received a perfect score — an inspection rate of 100 percent. Superintendent Donna J. Fountain recognized the department for its achievement during opening-day activities and said, “The department’s performance on the inspection is a testament of the staff’s strong dedication to safety and commitment to sound maintenance standards and practices.”

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