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Softball among healthy options

Presently the city of Fulton has a slow pitch softball league for recreation. The fall season runs from mid-August to the end of October.

The games are held at Denesha Park. They are men’s, women’s and mixed leagues. Participants range from about 16 years old to players in their 70s.

Since the break from summer season, it is noticeable that repair has happened to the scoreboard (light bulbs replaced) and the grounds (home plate area) look more level.

The physical relief on the participants (players, umpires, scorers and fans) needs to be acknowledged, as well.

Scheduling is only at Denesha — not at Foster Park. There are no lights at Foster for participation in the softball games after dark. Yes, we do realize that it won’t be long and we’ll have daylight saving time memorandum issued.

Mark Canale has been coordinating the schedules since 2011. Previously he was a scorekeeper and player.

Several local businesses sponsor the teams.

The planning and participation are an excellent example of healthy options within the Fulton community.

Sharon Foster


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