Several Phoenix fall sports rosters

Phoenix girls varsity soccer 

Player Grade Position

Haley Besaw 12 Defense

Megan Brown 11 Defense

Caitlyn Connolly 08 Midfield

Brooke Dolbear 11 Forward

Marisa Dona 10 Defense

Samantha Doupe 08 Forward

Brooke Ensby 09 Defense

Paige Ensby 11 Defense

Alyssa Froio 09 Midfield

Alexis Gabriele 09 Forward

Isabella Garofalo 08 Defns/Goalie

Kaitlyn Greer 09 Midfield

Emilie Hilliard 07 Midfield

Alexandra Hoag 08 Midfield

Sarah Hoag 10 Midfield

Briana Neiss 09 Defense

Nicole Noreault 09 Defense

Isabella Perez 08 Midfield

Brianna Squier 08 Goalie

Coach  is William Conklin

Phoenix varsity boys cross country

Grade, Player

10th grade, Kellen Arnold

12th grade, Anthony Brienza

10th grade, Alexander Brutcher

Ninth grade, Ryan Chesbro

Ninth grade, Elias Clark

10th grade, Joshua Dievendorf

10th grade, Christopher Fisk

10th grade, Tyler Gabriele

12th grade, Michael Girard

12th grade, Eric Hillpot

Ninth grade, Daniel Knowlton

Ninth grade, Jacob Lawless

Ninth grade, Eric Leach

12th grade, Michael Leach

10th grade, Hunter Nerber

10th grade, Brendan Nichols

12th grade, Jason Nipper

12th grade, Brian Stafford

10th grade, Joshua Stopher

12th grade, Dylan Switzer

10th grade, Austin Wilson

Coach is Andy Lewis

Phoenix varsity girls cross country

Grade, Player

10th grade, Alexis Bowering

11th grade, Emma Brunnell

10th grade, Sydnie Colbert

Ninth grade, Amanda Deryke

10th grade, Brandi Gates

Ninth grade, Chloe Goodnow

Ninth grade, Nicole Hetko

12th grade, Meghan Lentz

12th grade, Nichole Marr

11th grade, Emilie Schneider

Ninth grade, Septima Stobart

Ninth grade, Carolanne Switzer

12th grade, Destiny Teel

12th grade, Haylie Virginia

Coach is Andy Lewis

Phoenix varsity boys golf

Grade, Player

12th grade, Kyle Andrews

12th grade, Dylan Borza

10th grade, Chase Cavanaugh

11th grade, Walker Connolly

12th grade, Codie Corso

12th grade, Sebastian Czyz

10th grade, Ryley Doupe

12th grade, Austin Dristle

Ninth grade, Spencer Evans

10th grade, Mike Germaine

11th grade, Conner Haney

10th grade, William Hilliard

Eighth grade, James Lynch

10th grade, Jonathan Schmidt

Head coach is Gene Mills

Assistant coach is Brock Matlock

Phoenix Varsity Volleyball Team

Name Position Jersey # Grade

Hannah Lees Outside 2 11

Kaitlyn Clapp D/S 3 12

Meghan Lees Middle 4 10

Paige Recore ** Outside 6 12

Katelynn McDonald D/S 7 11

Delaine May Outside 8 11

Amber Crews Setter 9 11

Maria Musumeci Middle 10 11

MacKenzie Young** Right Side 11 11

Jessica Jones Middle 15 10

Taylor Chesbro Right Side 17 11

Fia Campanino Libero 21 11


**Team captain


Head coach is  Michelle Goodfellow

Athletic director is Jim Drancsak

Asst. coach is  Anna Turner

JV coach is Mendie Tutt




Phoenix Junior varsity volleyball

Name Position Jersey # Grade

Kristin Clapp D/S 1 9

Mattison Thrall O/H 2 10

Hayleigh Ladd O/H 3 9

Samantha Zerbinos Right Side 4 10

Morgan Bajish D/S, Right 5 9

Aleah Adamo Libero 6 9

Lauren Porter Setter 7 10

Kaitlyn Trudell O/H 8 10

Mattingly Gleason O/H 10 10

Kaitlyn McArthur Middle 11 9

Sydney Young Setter 12 9

Gabrielle Crain Middle 14 10

Meghan Rowe Middle 15 10



Junior varsity coach is Mendie Tutt

Athletic director is Jim Drancsak

Varsity coach is Michelle Goodfellow

Assistant varsity coach is Anna Turner


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