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I recently stopped by Scott’s Building Supply in response to inquiries and a number of  rumors that are circulating around town.

Hannibal’s nosy columnist wanted the ‘scoop.’ Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Al was busy with a customer and I joined Ron in the office where he was going over papers and ‘stuff.’  I got right to the point and yes, the business and property are for sale.

He would like to sell it all but is considering all possibilities and options.  He has loved every minute he has worked in the store and he doesn’t like the idea of retirement.  But times they are a changing.’  Big box stores have no doubt cut into his business and in recent years there has been a cut back in the traffic from Fair Haven summer home owners.

There are fewer contractors in the Hannibal area than in the past and they have less work.

I listened as Ron reminisced … and then to went his Dad’s (Ray Scott) book On Earth the First Time and More, for much of the information in this column.

His dad, Ray, had bought the beginning business from Rennie Bradt in May 1933.  Ray had worked for Mr. Bradt, who owned the local feed, seed and fertilizer business, after school and during vacations.

When he graduated high school, Ray went on to one year of teacher training and then taught for two years.  He then went back to Oswego Normal School for three more years to graduate as an industrial arts teacher.

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