Primary Election Results

Here are results from Tuesday’s primaries in Oswego County.

All vote totals are unofficial. But if these numbers hold up, there are some interesting outcomes.

Incumbent Republican Schroeppel Supervisor Patrick Nugent losing his primary; incumbent Legislator Ronald E. Sakonyi losing his Republican primary;  incumbent Albion Supervisor Carl Anson Jr. losing his Republican primary;  incumbent Parish Town Clerk Kelly Reader losing the Conservative primary and incumbent Republican Scriba Highway Superintendent Roger Myers winning his primary.

As of 12:12 a.m., some districts in Fulton had not yet reported. But as of that time, Thomas Kenyon was leading in Ward 1; and it was too close to call for committeeman in Fulton’s Ward 3, district 1.

County Legislature 

District 5, Constantia districts 1-4, Republican

Ronald E. Sakonyi, 68; Roy Reehil, 134

District 12, Hastings district 5 and Schroeppel districts 4 and 5, Republican

John W. Brandt, 156; Richard P. Kline, 141

District 12, Hastings district 5 and Schroeppel districts 4 and 5, Conservative

John W. Brandt, 2; Richard P. Kline, 6

District 14, Scriba districts 3, 4 and 6 and Volney district 2, Republican

Bradley T. Coe, 109; Stephen M. Walpole, 171

District 20, Oswego town, Conservative

Douglas Malone, 9; Joseph Susino, 6.

City of Fulton

Councilor Ward 1, Republican

Bradley J. Warner; Thomas G. Kenyon

Councilor Ward 4, Republican

James R. Myers, 33; Mark Sherman, 28

Councilor Ward 4, Independence

James R. Myers, 1; Ralph Stacy Jr., 2

County Committee, Ward 3 District 1, Republican

Timothy Crandell; Jeffrey Kinney; Mark Sherman

Town of Albion

Supervisor, Republican

Carl Anson Jr., 79; David Aaron Walter, 91

Council member, Republican (pick two)

Randy Mattison, 106; Lonny Mattison, 79; Richard Mullin, 68; Nancy Sheeley, 67

Town of Amboy

Council member, Republican (pick two)

Susan D. Halbritter, 124; Bruce E. Stone, 123; Edmund J. Lescenski, 118

Council member, Independence (pick two)

Susan D. Halbritter, 6; Bruce E. Stone, 9; Lawrence C. Rayder, 7

Highway superintendent, Republican

Jonathon E. Granger, 10; Franklyn Sampson, 80; John Perkins III, 123

Town of Boylston

Town clerk, Republican

Doreen Macklen, 17; Paulette Skinner, 44

Council member, Republican (pick two)

Jimmy J. Walker, 41; Dale McNitt, 50; James Macklen, 22

Town of Granby

Council member, Conservative (pick two)

Eric Clothier12; Mike French, 5; Brenda Frazier Hartle, 12

Town of Hannibal 

Justice, Republican

Jack Beckwith Jr., 186; Edward Lewis, 123; Eugene Hafner, 209

Justice, Conservative

Jack Beckwith Jr., 24; Edward Lewis, 12; Eugene Hafner, 23

Highway superintendent, Republican

George Ritchie, 166; Sean Simpson, 128

Highway superintendent, Conservative

George Ritchie, 20; Sean Simpson, 10; Daniel Mahaney, 9

Town of Hastings

Highway superintendent, Republican

Robert Clark, 346; Linwood Woody Hall, 126

Town of Mexico 

Justice, Republican

Jon Moretti, 102; Douglas Horton, 150

Town of Parish 

Town clerk, Conservative

Mary Ann Phillips, 8; Kelly I. Reader, 3

Town of Sandy Creek 

Highway superintendent, Republican

Tim Crast, 99; Michael Kastler Jr., 173

Mayor (only for village of Sandy Creek district 3), Republican

Steven J. Washburn, 39; Grant J. Rohrmoser, 48

Town of Schroeppel 

Supervisor, Republican

Patrick J. Nugent, 181; Lynett Greco, 197

Council member, Republican (pick two)

Timothy J. Dunnigan, 221; Suzanne M. Duquette, 206; Stephen Hutchins, 197

Town of Scriba 

Highway superintendent, Republican

Roger S. Myers, 250; Michael J. Barry, 228

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