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Consider residents’ well-being: Richard Phillip Kline, Schroeppel

As I was baling hay, I received a phone call from a concerned citizen. They were quite surprised at some distorted facts and called because they did not feel it was an accurate assessment of me or my long political career.

As I used to tell my children, stay calm and consider the source. In light of this event, I would like to give the District 12 voters a chance to know the real facts about me.

Having always been consistently for growth and a low tax burden, I considered the offer by the county to take a look at Bion.

We thoroughly researched this and went through the proper channels. When all was said and done, the people said no and I, personally, rescinded the proposal.

My pro-growth, low tax burden agenda is driven by troubling trends I’ve watched over many years, both locally and beyond, where average people are working harder and keeping less.

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