Sherman seeks Fourth Ward seat

Mark Sherman has announced his candidacy for Fourth Ward councilor in Fulton.

Sherman has a bachelor of science in business adminstration from State University College at Oswego and is the owner and operator of Letters Signs & Specialties on Route 481 in the Fourth Ward.

He served two terms on the council, from 1998 to 2001.

A city resident since 1991, Sherman said he wants to focus on the financial problems facing Fulton and its taxpayers.

“Recognizing the main problem for the city of Fulton, we have the second highest tax rate in the state of New York, making it amongst the highest taxed locations in the country and still we have financial problems,” he said.

“Many candidates do not want to address fiscal problems,” he added.

Residents want business brought back to Fulton, Sherman said.

“Unfortunately, the reality to that concern is not a good one,” he said. “Corporate business people are savvy. They look at numbers and when they see the cost for property taxes and fees, they move on.”

Sherman said budgetary cuts need to be made.

“We need to take positive action now and in the next couple years to prepare for the possibility of more lost jobs and lost tax base,” he said.

“If we do this, we can then take the steps to improve infrastructure and neighborhoods. Getting our fiscal house in order will set a strong foundation,” he continued.

“We need to make some cuts and move money around in the budget to get a lowering of the costs required to run the city, which in turn will make it more attractive for people to return and businesses and  jobs will follow.”

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