Fulton Art Association announces photography winners

The Fulton Art Association held its first photography competition Aug. 3-4 at the Fulton Municipal Building. Twenty-two artists from Fulton, Oswego, Central Square, Phoenix, and Mexico participated in the show. Each participant was allowed to enter four pieces, and we displayed 72 entries in four categories: Animals, Nature/Landscapes, People/Portraits, and Black and White, according to FAA president Kathy Mihalek.

Katherine Walseman, who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Oswego in 2011 and received her Master of Arts in Teaching in 2013, was the judge for this show.

All prizes awarded are the discretion of the judge. Judging is anonymous — the judge in our shows does not know who the artists are for any of the pieces.

Alex McCombie, of Fulton, won Best of Show with his Animal Photo, “Morning Graze.”

Awards in each of the categories were as follows:

Animals: First place, Kristen McKeown-Fanning (Fulton) for “Resignation”; second place, Jeanne King (Fulton) for “Murder Unleashed”; honorable mention, Jeanne King for “Shades of Fin.”

Nature/Landscapes: First place to Katherine Lust (Oswego) for “Sunset Over Oswego Yacht Club”; second place (tie) to Jeanne King (Fulton) for “Bleeding Love” and Tim Markert (Central Square) for “Ontario Sunset on the Rocks.” Honorable mentions were given to Katherine Lust for “A Tree in Winter,” Tim Markert for “Chittenango Falls,” Alex McCombie for “Terra,” Colleen O’Brien (Fulton) for “Sneak Peek” and “Life Force,” John Shaben (Phoenix) for “Flash of Red” and Mary Spencer-Geer (Phoenix) for “Liberty’s Beacon.”

People/Portraits: First place, Alex McCombie (Fulton) for “The Arrival”; second place to Deborah Engelke (Oswego) for “Faces in the Crown” and honorable mentions to Ellen Landphere (Mexico) for “Essence of Valor” and Katherine Lust for “A Man with His Toy.”

Black and White: First place, Deborah Engelke (Oswego) for “Echo in Time,” second place to Alex McCombie for “Goodbye,” and honorable mentions to Brenda Dann (Central Square) for “Seeking Summer” and Deborah Engelke for “Woman in Black.”

Special appreciation is extended to the local businesses and individuals for making our 2013 shows possible: David Mirabito (Metropolitan Life), Foster Funeral Home, Fulton Savings Bank, Medicine Place, Mimi’s, and Oswego County Ambulance, Bob and Sandy Weston.

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