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Comments weren’t personal

By Sandra J. Blanchard, Hannibal

Thank you, Michael Pereira, for your comments on what you called the road to nowhere.

I call that a road built illegally on private property owned by past Republican Oswego County Legislator Jack Beckwith and his wife, Faye Scott Beckwith.

I feel luckier than you, as I can separate friends and politics. I guess you can’t, as you seem to think that I have been throwing stones at the Beckwiths.

Please take the time to reread all the letters I have written on the illegal road built by Oswego County Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt and the Beckwiths.

Look closely because I do not think you will see anywhere I said Faye and Jack and their families are not good people. It’s about spending taxpayers’ money on an illegal road on private property.

There’s where being able to separate friendship and politics works. People can be great friends — that does not make them a good politician. Facts are facts! Records are records.

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