Bodley Bulletins: Meet Julia, your new columnist

By Julia Ludington

Welcome back, everybody!

I hope all are ready for a new and exciting school year.

Freshman First Day was Sept. 4. The incoming students enjoyed an orientation that included helping them figure out how to get to classes, showing them appropriate clothing for school, an activities fair, and an opportunity to meet their new teachers.

It will definitely make their transition into high school less daunting. The sophomores, juniors and seniors will attend school on Sept. 5.

To introduce myself, my name is Julia Ludington and I am a senior this year at G. Ray Bodley.

I am heavily involved in school activities, including being a member of the varsity girls’ lacrosse and tennis teams. I am a member of the French Club, Environmental Club, Science Club and Ski Club.

I play the viola in GRB’s symphonic orchestra and I am also a member of the Oswego County Youth Court.

The schedule used at G. Ray Bodley this year is once again a bell schedule.

There are nine 39 to 40 minute bells with a Guided Study Hall between bells three and four. This period is 22 minutes long.

The Guided Study Hall is an opportunity for students to see teachers for additional help (with a pass, of course), catch up on homework and for their Guided Study Hall teacher to keep track of their progress and help them in any way they may need.

It is a nice morning break and a chance for students to collaborate on group projects since multiple people in their Guided Study Hall are also in many of their classes.

Additionally, don’t forget about picture day! There will be two consecutive picture days on Sept. 11 and 12. Students will find out from their teachers what day and time their picture will be taken. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep so you are rested for the shot!

Fall sports teams have already been hard at work. Be sure to attend the first home football game on the Sept. 6 at 6:30 p.m. to cheer on the mighty Red Raiders as they take on Fowler at home!

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