Inexperienced Phoenix boys soccer team prepares for tough schedule

Phoenix Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Chris Prenoveau has his work cut out for him this season.

Out of the 20 to 25 players he expects to see on the roster, only six of them have significant experience at the varsity level.

One Prenoveau’s goals is for the boys to learn how to play as a cohesive unit. However, he points out that his team’s lack of experience could make this goal difficult.

It’s also important that the players understand and buy into the style of play that Prenoveau wants to establish.

He wants his team to develop a consistently impressive work ethic. No matter what the score is, Prenoveau expects his team to battle until the final whistle.

Prenoveau expects 75 percent of the possible players to be either freshmen or sophomores. Prenoveau hopes that his four seniors and two juniors will emerge as leaders on and off the field.

As fall practice begins, Prenoveau expects his players to show up in the best physical condition possible.

He suggests that most of his coaching colleagues anticipate a lot of conditioning work will be needed for any fall sport.

Prenoveau expects his players to be physically ready for the season by the opening game.

Currently, the team’s overall physical conditioning is improving. However, Prenoveau insists that his players have a long way to go until they reach the level of fitness that he expects.

As of Aug. 24, Prenoveau had not yet selected team captains.

According to Prenoveau, a potential captain is a player who works hard regardless of the situation.

He is also someone who doesn’t complain and is willing to support a teammate when needed. Prenoveau also pointed out that an unselfish player who works hard and encourages others to improve their efforts is someone who could be a team captain.

Many tough opponents await Phoenix this season. They play in Class B, which means just about every team will be impressive.

The Firebirds will take on the likes of Westhill, Cazenovia and Skaneateles. Prenoveau points out that Marcellus is a perennial power and expects that team to be just as competitive this season.

He suggests that Jordan-Elbridge and Solvay could be entering trap games when they take on Phoenix. Perhaps those teams might look past the Firebirds because the Phoenix players aren’t considered a top-heavy team.

Prenoveau feels that this seasons’ team could be successful when it comes to learning how to play soccer with the ability to make smart passes while maintaining possession of the ball.

He expects that his team’s inexperience will lead to a few growing pains on the field.

However, Prenoveau is quick to mention that his team is picking up the concepts he is teaching at a solid pace. He is excited about having the opportunity to develop many young players as they take a few bumps in the road but then learn from their mistakes.

Prenoveau and his upperclassmen understand that this season they will have to be patient leadership figures.

He feels it will be important for them to be ready to help their younger teammates maintain both a positive attitude and work ethic.

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