County is close to receiving all 2013 back taxes

By Debra J. Groom

Oswego County is close to receiving all the money it was owed in back taxes on foreclosed properties for 2013.

Real Property Tax Director Debra Mullenax said the county was owed $2,120,388 on 199 parcels of foreclosed land and property in the county. A total of $1,991,403 of that has been brought in, she said.

Of those 199 parcels, 76 were bought back prior to the July 13 tax auction by the people who owned the properties. They paid $578,553 to the county in back taxes.

Ninety-nine properties were auctioned, bringing in $1,412,850. Three parcels totaling $21,829 in back taxes did not sell, Mullenax said.

“We’re a little short, but close,” Mullenax said of the amount recovered for the cover.

She added the county still could hit the $2.1 million amount when interest and other fees are received from taxpayers.

County Treasurer Fred Beardsley said one of the three properties that did not sell was landlocked, one had an environmental issue and one was too small.

He said neighbors of the landlocked property are being contacted to see if they are interested in the parcel.

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